BNI, OJK, and Jakarta Government Expand Program Menabung Dengan Sampah

Jakarta, 14 October 2019 --- It's called trash. The name represented an unpleasant odor, something that was difficult to control, and something that was trashd in vain. Now, BNI, Regional Office 1 of Financial Services Authority (OJK), and DKI Regional Government collaborate to make this trash more useful, and instead become a broad source of new income, namely by holding Gerakan Ayo Menabung Dengan Sampah.

This movement is part of the BNI Go Green Program which embodies BNI's environmental responsibility, which is included in one of the programs in BNI's Sustainable Financial Action Plan (RAKB). Therefore, BNI's business activities become environmentally sound businesses.

Last year, a similar movement only became a pilot project, so it was limited to West Jakarta and North Jakarta Administrative Cities of. This year, the three institutions have made up their minds so that similar movement can be extended to all administrative regions, including Central Jakarta, South Jakarta, East Jakarta, to the Thousand Islands Regency. This program is ten developed through the cooperation with Chairman of the Jakarta Provincial Kwarda in August 2019 to involve active participation from all Jakarta Provincial scouts.

This agreement was carried out in order to support financial literacy and inclusion activities, as well as supporting community-based trash management as part of BNI's mission realization in realizing responsibilities to the community and environment. What a coincidence, October is the  Financial Inclusion Month of 2019.

The event was taken place at Balai Agung, DKI Jakarta Provincial City Hall, and attended by the Consumer Business Director of BNI, Anggoro Eko Cahyo, the Governor of DKI Jakarta, Anies Baswedan, the Board Member Commissioner of OJK, Tirta Segara, and the Head of Regional Office 1 of OJK, Dhani Gunawan Idat in Jakarta, Monday (14 October 2019). Also present were representatives of students, communities and orange troops from 5 administrative city areas and 1 Thousand Islands Regency, DKI Jakarta Province.

Along with these activities, appreciation was also given to environmental activists in 5 areas of the Jakarta Administration City and Kepulauan Seribu Regency for the category of students, orange troops, and community members who save the most with trash through their respective trash banks. Appreciation is given to a total of 24 people.

Anggoro said, the Let’s Saving With Trash Movement is a synergy and joint awareness between BNI, OJK, and DKI Jakarta Provincial Government in helping to overcome the trash issues from the source. The trick is to encourage direct community participation.

"From this movement, at the same time achieving 2 educational objectives, namely environmental education and banking education that will help increase financial inclusion in the community," he said.


Apreciation from BNI

In order to encourage participation and motivate the community and students to be active in this movement, BNI also launched an appreciation program for saving with trash which will last for the next 1 year in all regions of DKI Jakarta. Appreciation will be given to the best environmental activists for the category of individual (students, inhabitants, orange troops); schools and trash banks (parent/unit). The winner is judged by the trash that is saved and the tonnage of trash collected and managed.

"Hopefully, this program will support cashless society and create a less thrash community," Anggoro added.

The launching of the Let’s Saving With Trash Movement, is the follow-up of the ilot project which has been going on since last year in West Jakarta and North Jakarta Administrative Cities. As of September 2019, this movement has been attended by more than 150,000 students and 5,000 citizens and orange troops, more than 200 trash banks with a total fund raised from sales of more than Rp 3 billion.

A wider launch is expected to have a greater impact on reducing trash from its source, and students and the community can enjoy the economic value of habit and independence in saving with trash and supporting the implementation of the one student one account program. And another important thing is by this program is the first step in forming the character of children to love saving and caring for the environment from an early age. 


For more information, please contact:

Corporate Secretary BNI

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