Triggering Learning at Home Spirit, BNI dan Ruangguru Prepare Hundreds of Million Prizes

Triggering Learning at Home Spirit, BNI dan Ruangguru Prepare Hundreds of Million Prizes

Jakarta, 23 March 2020 --- The government's encouragement to learn from home has spurred the largest and leading provider of online learning applications in Southeast Asia, Ruangguru, to give appreciation to students who really study in their homes. Ruangguru cooperates with PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk or BNI to provide Taplus Muda Savings as a gift for 200 students who are actively honing their knowledge online in the application.

This is a manifestation of Ruangguru's and BNI's efforts in responding to the learning challenge faced by students in Indonesia in the midst of the health crisis of COVID-19. The interesting learning along with opportunities to get prizes are also expected to keep students able to learn with enthusiasm without getting bored quickly at home, thus supporting the government's suggestion to maximize the Social Distancing program to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

BNI prepares Taplus Muda savings for 200 selected students who actively participate in the Ruangguru Free Online School program. Each student will get saving of Rp1,000,000.

"This collaboration program is expected to trigger the enthusiasm of students to continue learning in achieving achievements and ideals," said the General Manager of Management Products Division of BNI, Donny Bima in Jakarta, Monday (23 March 2020).

“Millions of students all over Indonesia have have been studying at Ruangguru Free Online School since we first launched it. We are proud that they are enthusiastic about learning in our application, and we hope that, with our collaboration with BNI, more and more students are motivated to study harder," added the Product Director and Partnership of Ruangguru, Iman Usman.

By the Ruangguru Free Online School program, students can participate remote learning daring (live teaching) every Monday to Friday, like a normal school, in the Ruangguru application. Starting from Monday, 16 March 2020, students can participate in the Ruangguru Free Online School lessons from 08.00 - 12.00 WIB, where 15 live teaching channels will be available covering all subjects in accordance with the national curriculum, starting from grade 1 of elementary school to grade 12 of senior high school (natural and social science), which is guided by Ruangguru Master Teachers.

Students who have not been able to take part in the morning session can also access Online School recordings which can be accessed on the same day after 12.00 WIB. In addition to live teaching facilities, students can continue to practice their understanding through the Question Bank and Online Tryout features for free. The learning materials prepared by Ruangguru are in accordance with the curriculum of the Ministry of Education and Culture and can be accessed 24 hours.


About BNI

PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk or BNI was established on 5 July 1946 and became the first state-owned bank that was born after the Indonesian independence. BNI had functioned as a central bank and commercial bank as stipulated in Government Regulation in Lieu of Law No. 2/1946, before finally operating as a commercial bank since 1955.

Until the end of 2019, BNI has 2,245 domestic outlets spread across 34 provinces and 420 regencies/cities and 8 overseas outlets spread across various countries. BNI has 33 Middle Credit Centers (SKM), 25 Small Credit Centers (SKC), and 12 Consumer & Retail Loan Centers (LNC).

Currently BNI has 18,659 ATMs spread out in 34 provinces and 521 regencies/cities including 6 (six) ATMs overseas, namely 4 ATMs in Hong Kong and 2 ATMs in Singapore. The ATM network can also serve debit card transactions bearing the GPN, Link, ATM Bersama, and Prima logos.

As a holding company, BNI already has 5 subsidiaries, namely BNI Multifinance (financing), BNI Life (insurance), BNI Remittance (remittance), BNI Syariah (banking), and BNI Sekuritas (capital market). BNI Asset Management (Investment Manager) is a subsidiary of BNI Sekuritas.


About Ruangguru

Ruangguru is the largest technology company in Southeast Asia which focuses on education services. Currently, Ruangguru already has more than 15 million registered users and provides access to more than 300,000 private teachers.

Ruangguru provides online tutoring and teacher marketplace services through Ruangguru application, soft skills training for public and professional online through the Skill Academy platform, online and offline blended learning centers in 15 Brain Academy branches throughout Indonesia, and training platforms for corporations in work space application. Ruangguru has also expanded its services and products to Vietnam market.



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