BNI Becomes the Pre-Employment Card Incentive Paying Bank

BNI Becomes the Pre-Employment Card Incentive Paying Bank

Jakarta, 12 April 2020 --- Concrete steps are now increasingly anticipated in helping community groups who are seriously affected by Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) outbreak, one of them is realizing the Pre-Employment Card Program. BNI is the bank designated as the Official Digital Banking Partner in the distribution of incentives for Employment Cards, including Training Incentives, Survey Incentives, as well as providing a cash management system that is integrated with the Pre-Employment Card Project Management Office (PMO) in managing the incentive funds so that they are channeled accurately, effectively and efficiently.

"In order to succeed the Pre-Employment Card Program, BNI has a role as a manager of the Pre-Employment Card Fund flow or the Cash Management service provider, managing Incentive payments and survey money for Pre-Employment Card participants, and also managing Training Incentive payments," said the Director of Service and Network of BNI, Adi Sulistyowati, Sunday (12 April 2020).

BNI also becomes the bank that ensures the stakeholders’ needs to distribute the Pre-Employment cards are fulfilled. The important and strategic roles of BNI include: First, BNI becomes the bank that opens accounts for Pre-Employment Card participants, namely prospective job seekers and victims of Employment Termination (PHK). Second, opens accounts for Institutions or Training Centers, namely Minister of Manpower’s Work Training Center, Offshore Work Training Center (BLKLN), and Work Training Institution (LPK). Third, opens accounts  for Marketplace and Digital Payment companies who are government’s work partners in distributing Pre-Employment Card incentive.

Pre-Employment Card Program is a work competency development program designated for job seekers, workers/manpower whose employments are terminated, and/or workers or manpower who need competency improvement. To participate in this program, people must register at the program official website, and there will be approval from PMO later. If a registrant is approved as participant of the -Employment Card Program, training and survey money incentive payments can be made by BNI account, or OVO, and Link Aja. Incentive payment is made after a participant completed his training process or course.

“As the Pre-Employment Card Program Official Digital Banking Partner, BNI has the role or organizing the cash management system, making benefit payment for marketplace, incentive payment to participants, and payment to BLK and LPK. BNI also provides facilities to job seekers who do not have accounts with various easiness and special offers,” she said.


For more information, please contact:

Corporate Secretary BNI

Phone: 021-5728387



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