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BNI Griya Multiguna

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bni griya multi guna

Take advantage of your residence to earn credits that can be used for various purposes (multipurpose).


Customers can choose the desired method of withdrawal facilities

  • Dual Facility (withdrawal system is divided into two), namely:
  • 60% of the maximum credit and credit is withdrawn at once aflopend.
  • The remaining 40% of the maximum credit can be drawn according to the needs of debtor and credit are Current Account / RC is limited.
  • Single Facility, the system of credit withdrawal of 100% of the maximum at once and are aflopend.


  • Citizen of Indonesia.
  • Income, for permanent employees working period of at least 2 years, professionals and entrepreneurs have run at least 5 years professional / business.
  • Maximum credit 80% of the transaction value of land and buildings are pledged.
  • Loan Ceiling:
  • For BNI Griya Single Multipurpose Credit Facility for a minimum of 50,000,000 and a maximum Rp2.500.000.000
  • For BNI Griya Multipurpose Dual Credit Facility amounting to a minimum and maximum Rp250.000.000 Rp2.500.000.000
  • Credit Period:
  • For credit facilities that are aplopend maximum 10 (ten) years.
  • For the current account is a credit facility (the R / C limited), maximum 1 (one) year and may be extended (revolving).
  • Self-financing of at least 20% of Assessed value

Requirements Document

Document Types Jobholder Professional Entrepreneur / Entrepreneur
FC KTP (Husband Wife) X X X
FC Family Card X X X
FC Marriage Certificate (if married) X X X
Personal TIN FC / SPT PPh 21 (If the loans above 50 million) X X X
FC 3 recs Last Month X X X
Original Certificate of Employment & Salary X X
FC Professional Practice Permits X
FC Legality Business / Business License / Certificate of Enterprises (Certificate of Establishment / AD-ART, SIUP, TIN, SITU / SKDU & TDP) Company of Local Government. X
Pas Foto 4x6 (applicant: Husband / Wife) X X X
FC Document Security X X X
FC Financial Statements last 2 years X
bni griya multi guna
Biaya-biaya BNI Griya Multiguna
Jenis Biaya Nominal Biaya
Propisi 1% dari maksimal kredit eenmalig
Administrasi Rp 500.000,-
Asuransi Jiwa, Asuransi kebakaran ditentukan kemudian
Appraisal dan Notaris ditentukan kemudian