Strengthening Collaboration, BNI Seoul Opens Market Opportunities

Strengthening Collaboration, BNI Seoul Opens Market Opportunities

Jakarta 21 April 2021 -- PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero), Tbk. or BNI (stock code : BBNI) continues to strengthen the collaboration of various parties in accelerating the performance of Go Global SMEs and the diaspora in South Korea.

The Indonesian Ambassador to South Korea, Gandi Sulistiyanto said there are many businesses that the diaspora in South Korea can develop.

MSMEs in South Korea are mostly engaged in the industrial sector in South Korea. This makes South Korean MSMEs very advanced in terms of technology so that they can produce products with high technology.
He believes that BNI has an important role as an SOE that has a mandate as a Global Bank to be able to open up this market opportunity.

"The key to the success of MSMEs is capital. In my opinion, this is where BNI's role is in supporting the growth of MSME performance as well as opening up market opportunities," he said.

He also did not deny that BNI has a very professional mentoring program that is able to help MSME players grow, and even upgrade to become big business actors who are highly competitive.

"Indeed, this kind of partisanship is what MSME players really need to grow and compete in the Global which has a higher level of competition," he added.

The Founder of Inakor Co., Ltd. who is also a BNI debtor, Hartono Susanto, appreciates BNI's active role in helping the diaspora in South Korea through capital and business assistance.

Moreover, according to him, the market opportunity for Indonesian products in South Korea is very large so that it can become an opportunity to increase the economic level of the diaspora and BNI as an intermediary.
"If we see in South Korea, a lot of Indonesian semi-finished products enter South Korea. This is a great opportunity to increase exports to South Korea. Because Indonesian products are acceptable," Hartono said.
Multi-Party Collaboration

The General Manager of BNI Seoul, Anisfu Husin, said that in collaborating, BNI Seoul cooperates with various parties, ranging from MSMEs, student communities and other communities in the country of ginseng. In fact, in the near future BNI will sign with an importer association in South Korea.

There are three goals of the collaboration. The first is to provide Banking services. Secondly, is to provide financial literacy and investment, and thirdly is to provide business assistance to the diaspora in South Korea.
“South Korea is a very potential market for us. Therefore, we are actively collaborating with friends in Jakarta to try to bring Indonesian MSMEs to go global," he said.

In order to advance the diaspora in South Korea, Anisfu said BNI provides financial support as well as looking for opportunities that could be developed by the diaspora. This method has been implemented and is very effective in boosting BNI's performance as a Global Bank.

Furthermore, Anisfu explained that one of the most popular businesses in South Korea is restaurant business. BNI tries to provide support from financing so that Indonesian restaurants can develop and compete with restaurants from other countries such as Thailand, Singapore and others, which are located in South Korea.
"BNI will always support and help find market opportunities that can be worked on in South Korea," he said.


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