Being Part of Pre-Employment Card Program, BNI Also Forms Productive Alumni

Being Part of Pre-Employment Card Program, BNI Also Forms Productive Alumni

Jakarta, 17 June 2022 -- PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero), Tbk. or BNI (stock code: BBNI) has successfully played an important role in the success of Pre-Employment Program, one of which is maintaining the smooth disbursement of incentive funds. This BNI support helped to produce excellent Pre-Employment Program alumni. The alumni are expected to be agents of economic strengthening during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

As a form of gratitude for the success of Pre-Employment Card Program, President Joko Widodo met with representatives of beneficiaries from all over Indonesia in an event titled 'Temu Raya #KitaPrakerja' at the Sentul International Convention Center, Friday (17/6/2022). BNI President Director, Royke Tumilaar also attended the event as a representative of BNI, which is a partner bank for pre-employment card payments.

Based on data from the Pre-Employment Card Project Management Office, this government assistance program has been running very well since its initial implementation in 2020. The government's budget allocation is always optimally absorbed to help workers affected by economic difficulties during the pandemic.

As for the realization of payments through BNI in 2020 was recorded at Rp. 2.42 trillion, and continued in the following year (2021) with a realization of Rp. 967 billion. In 2022, the realization of Pre-Employment Card fund payments as of May 2022 reached Rp 35 billion.

So far, BNI has also been able to obtain additional new savings accounts of 884,911 with the collection of Third Party Funds (TPF) of Rp 250 billion. BNI mobile banking activation was also able to reach 230,273 new users.

Not only that, as a development agent, BNI has also succeeded in optimizing the distribution of People's Business Credit (PBC) with a total of 809 debtors with credit balances reaching Rp 93 billion.

The Coordinating Minister for Economy and Chairperson of the Job Creation Committee, Airlangga Hartarto, said that BNI's role in continuing the Pre-Employment Card program to a higher level was crucial. However, the bank will be the intermediary that encourages all beneficiaries to have the opportunity to learn, develop a better career, and create business space.

"We hope that BNI can continue to support these beneficiaries, not only to get out of their difficulties but also to a better level with wider career and business opportunities," he said.

In the meantime, BNI President Director, Royke Tumilaar conveyed his appreciation to the government for assigning BNI as a strategic partner in assisting workers in getting through the difficult times in the last two years.

However, according to him, BNI actually found a lot of potential for development from the retail side as well as a quality productive segment from the beneficiaries of the Pre-Employment Card program.

From the retail side, we also have many millennial customers who are currently finding better jobs so that they become our target market in developing the managed fund business and distributing consumer loans. In terms of productive financing, we also found many new potential business players that could be a source of MSME lending.

“We congratulate the government because the program has been very successful. Indeed this is a program for assistance. However, we actually found this program as a way to create many new business opportunities with the Pre-Employment Card alumni," he said.

The sole government account management of Pre-Employment Card Fund.

Royke continued, BNI was appointed as the sole executor of government account management of the Pre-Employment Card Fund and as one of the payment partners for the Pre-Employment Card Program incentive funds with e-wallet partners.

In addition to providing cash management services to the implementing management of the pre-employment card program, BNI also provides various digital solutions to all stakeholders involved in the pre-employment card program, both to program recipients, program alumni, digital platform partners, and payment/e-wallet partners.

"BNI also continues to strive to provide various innovations and conveniences in the context of managing the incentives distribution so that the implementation of the Pre-Employment Card Program can run faster, transparently, and auditable," he said.


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