Aktif Beri Kredit Sindikasi BNI Ditetapkan Jadi Syndicated Loan House di Indonesia

Aktif Beri Kredit Sindikasi BNI Ditetapkan Jadi Syndicated Loan House di Indonesia

BNI Named Syndicated Loan Housein Indonesia for Its Active Provision of Syndicated Loan

Jakarta, 31 January 2016 - PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk or BNI was recognized for its active involvement in the syndicated loan market in Indonesia by Asia Pacific Loan Market Association (APLMA). With this recognition, BNI was named as the first choice and priority provider of syndicated loan services in the Indonesian debt market. BNI’s selection as the best option in Indonesian debt market will open up an easier access for entrepreneurs and corporations in Indonesia and abroad to determine book runner or Mandated Lead Arranger (MLA) for their development or expansion project in the country.

APLMA named BNI as Syndicated Loan House of the The Year in Indonesia. The award was presented by APLMA Managing Director Janet Field to BNI Syndication Vice President Oswald Tambunan at Happy Valley, Hong Kong, Thursday (28 January 2016).

APLMA explained that the selection of a financial institution as Syndicate Loan House of the Year does not involve pitching or invitation to present by potential winners, but strictly a decision made by jury members at APLMA. Presently, APLMA is comprised of 276 banks, law bureaus, hedge funds, brokers, rating agencies, financial information providers, and even online trading platform providers. BNI was not allowed to vote for itself, thus the title of Syndicated Loan House of the Year in Indonesia was purely based on the objective evaluations of other APLMA members.

BNI Corporate Secretary Suhardi Petrus noted that the APLMA credit syndication award is the first award that can serve as a primary reference for loan market actors to select a book runner or MLA. APLMA can also serve as a reference to evaluate the quality of loan syndication providers, so debt market practitioners can use the award as a benchmark against other providers.

In 2015, BNI recorded aRp 160 billion fee based income from various loan syndication agreements. The accomplishment is an increase from the previous year in 2014, when BNI netted Rp 140 billion. Throughout 2015, BNI played an active role as book runner in loan syndication agreements up to USD 1.2 billion, and as Mandated Lead Arranger for projects up to USD 1.5 billion.

With high syndication value in its track record, BNI dominates the loan syndication market share as book runner with to 12.49% of total share, much improved from 7% in the previous year 2014. The accomplishment boosted BNI’s book runner status on the Bloomberg League Table from 12th in 2014 to number 1 in 2015. Similarly, BNI’s rank on the Bloomberg League Table as Mandated Lead Arranger improved from 9th in 2014 to number 1 in 2015.

Loan syndication is a financing solution for projects requiring large sum of funds, but have difficulty in finding individual banking financer due to limitations imposed by Maximum Loan Provision Limit (BMPK). These massive projects are usually infrastructure projects. For banks, syndicated loans are safer due to the risk sharing features of the loan with other member banks of the syndicated loan.

“Syndication member banks and debtors will also receive additional benefits in the form of positive publication, especially as accredited loan provider, debtor as creditor, or as loan syndication debtor. This is important to build trust in the syndication financing industry. Loan syndication is also an important learning process for first time creditors and debtors,” Petrus explained.

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