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BNI Fleksi

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bni flexi

BNI Fleksi service products gives you the ease of obtaining credit without collateral.


  • Credit 5 million s / d Rp 50 million (if not payroll through BNI) and Rp 100 million (if the payroll through BNI).


  • Flexibility in the utilization
  • Flexible repayment terms up to 5 years or tailored to ability.


  • Indonesian citizen,
  • Fixed-income, working period of at least 2 years,
  • Minimum age 21 years and at age 55 credit is paid off.
  • Fill out the form and complete supporting documents.

Requirements Document

  • FC KTP (Husband Wife)
  • FC Family Card
  • FC Marriage Certificate
  • Original Certificate of Employment & Salary
  • The original final decree or Original Appointment Employees Taspen Card (for civil servants) or the original final diploma.
  • Pas Photo 4x6 (applicant: Husband / Wife)
  • Finally RECs FC 3 Month
  • Personal TIN FC / SPT PPh 21 (for credit limit > 50 million)
bni flexi
Biaya-biaya BNI Fleksi
Jenis Biaya Nominal Biaya
Propisi 1% dari maksimal kredit eenmalig
Administrasi Rp 100.000,-