Bank Guarantee

As a business partner, BNI understands your requirements for facilitating trade transactions or projects that necessarily require the participation of a Bank Guarantee (Bank Guarantee). We understand that each customer's goals and needs are unique, so we designed this Bank Guarantee product with your needs in thoughts.

BNI Bank Guarantee is a written statement from BNI that guarantees the payment of an amount of money to the guarantee recipient (bowheer) if the guaranteed party (applicant) defaults or is unable to fulfill the obligations agreed in a cooperation agreement/contract.

Type of BNI Bank Guarantee :

  • Bid guarantee (Bid Bond).
  • Implementation guarantee (Performance Bond).
  • Advance payment bond.
  • Maintenance guarantee (Maintenance Bond).
  • Guaranteed refutation of appeal.
  • Other guarantees (Payment Guarantees, Reclamation Guarantees, Customs/Customs Guarantees, etc).

The Advantageous :

  • Ensures the company's business operations.
  • Can be used for both domestic and international transactions.

The Benefits :

  • Completed on the same day.
  • Safe and dependable.
  • Simple process.
  • Customizable formats.
  • Competitive costs.
  • Guaranteed flexibility.

Along with technological advancements, BNI introduces Online Bank Guarantees (BNI e-Bank Guarantee and m-BG Checking) as a solution that allows customers to easily apply for, monitor, and check Bank Guarantees Online.

The Advantages for Customer

  • Simple.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Paperless.
  • Online submission and monitoring of the status of bank guarantee issuance.
  • Online checking of bank guarantee documents.
  • Reporting on the issuance of bank guarantees and online monitoring of bank guarantee plafond.

BNI e-Bank Guarantee

Is a web-based solution with the following capabilities :

  • e-Applications
    Online application for the issuance of bank guarantees with tiered approval.
  • e-Tracking
    Keeping track of the status of bank guarantee issuance.
  • e-Reporting
    Bank guarantee report issued (as applicant) and accepted (as beneficiary).
  • e-Checking
    Examining the legality of bank guarantee documents issued (as an applicant) and/or accepted as a bowheer.
  • e-Plafond Monitoring
    Bank guarantee plafond monitoring (maximum, usage and remaining ceiling).

BNI m-BG Checking

Is a mobile app that checks the accuracy of bank guarantee documents by scanning the QR code on the bank guarantee.

How to Obtain a BNI e-Bank Guarantee and m-BG Services for checking :

  • The customer registers as a user in the BNI e-Bank Guarantee application at the nearest BNI branch office or to the Wholesale Solutions Division.
  • The customer registers the user name (maker, approver, and releaser) in the BNI e-Bank Guarantee application.

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