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BondsCurrencyIssuance DateMaturity DatePar ValueTenor (Month)Coupon/Discount RateRatingsRating AgencyIssuance Main Purpose
The Shelf Registration of the 2017 BNI Bonds I Phase IIDR11 JUL 201711 JUL 20223,000,000,000,000608%AAAPefindoFunds raised, after being deducted with emission fees, will be used for the company's business purposes, especially loan expansion.
The 2018 BNI Subordinated Medium Term Notes (MTN) IIDR10 AUG 201810 AUG 2023100,000,000,000608%AAAPefindo Fund raised will be used for the Company to strengthen Additional Capital (Tier 2) and working capital in accordance with business expansion based on Regulation of Financial Service Authority.
Tier 2 Subordinated Notes (BNI Tier 2 Capital Bond 2021)USD30 MAR 202130 MAR 2026500,000,000603.75%Ba2BBMoody's FitchThe company intends to use the net proceeds from its issue of Notes for its funding and general corporate purposes.
Additional Tier 1 Perpetual Non-Cumulative Capital SecuritiesUSD24 SEP 2021Perpetual600,000,000-3.30% (Distribution Rate)Ba3Moody'sThe Bank intends to use such net proceeds for replenishing its Additional Tier 1 Capital, its general funding purposes to strengthen its capital base, loan disbursements and to optimise the composition of its own long-term fund structure.
Green BondIDR21 JUN 2022Seri A Tenor 3 Years 21 JUN 2025 - Seri B Tenor 5 Years 21 JUN 20275,000,000,000,000-Seri A Tenor 3 Years 6.35% Amounted Rp. 4 Trillion - Seri B Tenor 5 Years 6.85% Amounted Rp. 1 TrillionidAAAPefindoFunds obtained from the Green Bond Public Offering after deducting emission costs, will entirely be used for financing and refinancing projects in the category of environmentally sound business activities, namely projects related to renewable energy, energy efficiency, waste management, into energy and waste management, sustainable use of natural resources and land use, conservation of terrestrial and aquatic biodiversity, environmentally friendly transportation, sustainable water and wastewater management, climate change adaptation, environmentally friendly buildings, and sustainable agriculture, with due observance of regulations Financial Services Authority Number 60/POJK.04/2017 concerning Issuance and Requirements for Green Bonds