BNI Non-Individual Current Account

If you require an account that can simplify business transactions while also providing flexibility, BNI Non-Individual Current Account is the best option because it offers banking services with a variety of conveniences and facilities for customers.

  1. Automatic Transfer System (Account Sweep Non Perorangan).
  2. Cash Management (BNIDirect).
  3. Autodebit.
  4. BNI Virtual Account (for credit and debit transactions).
  • Customers receive account mutation details to assist in transaction monitoring.
  • Currency options include IDR, USD, SGD, EUR, GBP, JPY, CNY, AUD, and HKD.
  • Progressive and competitive current account services, in which the higher your current account balance, the higher the demand deposit service you will obtain.
Balance Tiering Interest
0 - Rp 5 Million0.00%
≥ Rp 5 Million - < Rp 50 Million0.50%
≥ Rp 50 Million - < Rp 500 Million1.00%
≥ Rp 500 Million - < Rp 1 Billion1.25%
≥ Rp 1 Billion2.00%
Balance TieringCurrencyInterest
All NominalUSD*0.15%
All NominalSGD, GBP, JPY, HKDChanges are possible at any time

*effective on October 11, 2022.

  1. Completing the opening form as well as the banking service form that you may need.
  2. Enclosing these documents as follows :
    • Photocopy of the deed of establishment/articles of association of the Company and its amendments/certificate and statement of establishment of an individual Company.
    • NIB.
    • NPWP.
    • Management composition.
    • Identity of the authorized official.
    • Not on the Bank Indonesia black list (daftar Hitam nasional/DHN).
  3. Make a first deposit

Fees for sending statement current account signed by a Bank official and based on the routine period requested by the customer are subject to an additional printing (R/K) fee as follows :

  • IDR 15,000.- per week + postage.
  • IDR 37,500.- per day + shipping fee.

The fee for reprinting account statements per sheet signed by a Bank official and taken personally by the customer at the Branch is tier-based as follows :

  • IDR 2,000/sheet for the last 3 months >.
  • IDR 5,000/sheet for > 3 months to < the last 5 years.
  • IDR 10,000/sheet for the last 5 years.

Notification :
BNI Non-Individual Current Account that have remained inactive and have zero balance for 9 months will be closed automatically by the system.

For more info please contact:

Service Action Team (SAT)

Telp : (021) 29946046

Email :