Digital Disbursement and Payment Management

BNI's payment transaction management solution simplifies the settlement of financial obligations and the management of operations for institutional or corporate customers.

Reports on the payment of these obligations can also be obtained quickly and in real-time, so customers will receive a recapitulation of the required reports immediately.

This solution is highly beneficial for the ease of payment of customer obligations, both single and bulk (with a large number of transaction volumes) and it facilitates reconciliation in identifying customer operational expenses in real-time.

The Features :

  1. BNI Virtual Account Debit (Virtual Account For Disbursement).

    Virtual account debit is a 16-digit virtual account that is owned, on behalf of, and administered by user customers. The virtual account is then given to partners to serve as operational accounts, with the source of debiting funds coming from pooling accounts.

    The Advantageous :

    • Ease of identifying payments/withdrawals for the purpose of paying/transferring funds from an account as needed.
    • Make monitoring Virtual Account transactions easier.
    • Make reconciliation of payments and expenses easier.
    • A debit card may be issued.
    • Transaction limits (per virtual account) can be set as needed.
    • Access on routine Virtual Account transaction reports on D+1 following transactions or in real time (D+0) via the Virtual Account Portal or BNIDirect.
    • Transaction channels through : branch offices, BNI ATMs, BNIDirect internet banking, other banks' joint ATMs/ATMs, and BNI EDC machines.
    • Simple and quick implementation.
    • Reports will be sent to the designated PIC via email, which the customer can do through BNIDirect or the BNI Debit VA portal.

    The Requirement :

    • Maintain a BNl Current Account as a pooling or main account.
    • Sign the BNI Virtual Account usage form.

  2. BNI API Corporate.

    BNI has prepared Open Banking to respond to disruptions in the digital reform era, particularly in the banking sector. The BNI API Corporate solution is designed for corporate and fintech customers to gain access to banking services, particularly those related to transactional financial applications built independently by each company by integrating directly with the BNI API. B2B collaboration is simple with BNI API Corporate.

    There are ten types of APIs that can be integrated with corporate customers :

    1. BNI API One Gate Payment (OGP)

      Is a BNI integration solution with corporate customers that allows corporate customers to directly access banking services such as balance information services, account information, transfers, transaction status, and exchange rate information through integration with corporate customer applications.

    2. BNI API Peer to Peer (P2P) Lending

      Is a BNI integration solution for fintech in which BNI acts as a Partner Bank, namely as a banking service provider in the context of opening investor accounts and digital lending/loan payments/distribution via P2P Lending's electronic system.

    3. BNI API Autopay

      Is a fund receiving service provided by BNI to enable direct transaction payments (Direct Debit) on customer websites and/or applications equipped with a transaction limit setting system, as well as OTP for registration and transaction validation.

    4. BNI API Payment Virtual Account (VA)

      Is an API facility for companies that have collaborated with BNI on platforms or systems owned by customers that can be used to make payments for Virtual Accounts and Top Up Wallets (OVO, DANA, Paytren, Netzme, Shopee Pay, and so on).

    5. BNI API Rekening Dana Fintech (RDF)

      Is a solution for fintech companies that have registered with the OJK to open accounts digitally in order to facilitate book-entry transactions by integrating them via the API.

    6. BNI API Rekening Dana Nasabah (RDN)

      It is BNI's innovation in providing solutions for securities companies in opening digital accounts for investors and being able to facilitate book-entry transactions by integrating them through the API.

    7. BNI API Virtual Account (VA) Debit Cardless

      Is a BNI Virtual Account Debit service that can be used through BNI channels such as BNI ATMs and BNI Tellers without the use of a debit card and with only a Virtual Account number. The holder of the Virtual Account number will receive an SMS OTP as validation when making a transaction. Checking VA balances, cash withdrawals, and transferring to BNI are all possible transactions.

    8. BNI API Corporate Disbursement.

      BNI's solution for businesses (or other non-individual customers) to provide disbursement or company payment facilities to their vendors or partners who do not have BNI accounts, with several advantages over current interbank transfer services.

    9. BNI API Push Notification.

      A solutions for Non-individual customers to get a real-time transaction notifications which are sent when it occurs on their account.

    10. BNI API BNIDirect.

      BNI solutions designed for corporate and non-individual customers to integrate their business systems with BNIDirect via the Open Banking API.

The features to receive funds.

A solution for customers to receive funds for the sale of products/services so that they can run effectively and efficiently, as well as identify sales results quickly and accurately.

  1. BNI Virtual Account Kredit (Virtual Account untuk Penerimaan Dana).

    Is a virtual account created to assist in the management of corporate/institution revenue transactions in order for them to run effectively and efficiently.

    BNI Virtual Account provides the convenience of identifying partners/customers who make payments, accurate monitoring and reporting, as well as convenience and speed in the reconciliation process.

    In this case, the Virtual Account serves as a customer or depositor identification, with each deposit automatically recorded in the main account (pooling) that is the deposit's destination.

    Complete BNI Virtual Account features are housed in the BNI e-Collection platform, which can meet a variety of collection management requirements

    The Advantageous :

    • The customer can determine the name and Virtual Account number as the transfer destination number and customer/depositor identification.
    • For each transaction, the name and Virtual Account number will appear in the checking account.
    • Deposits in both IDR and USD can be made through various payment channels or from other banks (clearing/RTGS/online bank transfers)
    • BNIDirect and the BNI e-Collection portal allow you to view transaction results online.
    • A relatively brief implementation period.
    • The depositor is not required to have a BNI account.
    • The data upload process can be carried out by the customer via BNIDirect or the BNI e-Collection portal.
    • Transaction channels : branch offices, BNI ATMs, BNIDirect corporate internet banking, BNI SMS banking, ATM Bersama/other bank ATMs, other bank branch offices, other bank internet banking

    The condition to get BNI Virtual Account Credit facilities :

    • Maintain a BNl Current Account as a pooling or main account.
    • Sign the BNI Virtual Account usage form.

  2. BNI MPN G3

    The BNI Generation 3 State Revenue Module (MPN G3) is an electronic state revenue system developed by Bank Negara Indonesia in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance as an extension of MPN G2.

    MPN G3 enables Taxpayers/Payers/Payers to make payments of Taxes, Non-Tax State Revenues (PNBP) by simply entering the electronic billing code for the type of state revenue, which will then be used as the payment code when making payments. Make a deposit on the BNI channel.

    Payments can be made through : EDC, BNI ATM, BNIDirect, BNI Internet Banking and BNI Mobile Banking.

    The Advantageous of MPN G3 :

    • Tax, PNBP, and Customs payments are processed in a flexible and timely manner.
    • Accountability for all state revenue transaction data.
    • Avoiding human error in the collection of Tax, PNBP, and Excise data.
    • Because it employs an electronic billing code, payment certainty is assured.

  3. BNIDirect

    BNIDirect is an electronic channel provided by BNI for non-individual customers to conduct financial transactions from BNI their account quickly, easily, and safely. BNIDirect is accessible via Web Base, Mobile Apps, and API Base.

    BNIDirect which is accessed through a mobile application called BNIDirect Mobile in addition to the web version of the BNIDirect application. Transactions initiated from the web version of BNIDirect can be monitored and viewed on BNIDirect Mobile, and vice versa, BNIDirect Mobile transactions can be monitored through the web version of BNIDirect.

    The Benefit :


    Internet access is available around the clock (for in-house transactions and online transfers)


    • User Friendly.
    • A transaction guide is included.
    • Can conduct transactions from anywhere.


    • Secure Line with Verisign Security Certification Socket Secure Line (SSL) 128 bit.
    • Authorize transactions with an electronic signature, such as a BNI e-Secure (Hard Token) or a mobile token (soft token).
    • It comes with a Company ID, a User ID, and a password. Transaction authority is divided into Maker, Approver, and Releaser, as well as a transaction authority Matrix and transaction limits.

    Benefits of BNIDirect Features :

    • The menu is adaptable and can be customized to meet the needs of the customer.
    • The number of users can be adjusted to meet the needs of the customer.
    • The Customer has the authority to grant access to features and accounts.
    • Transactions are authorized using a dynamic PIN generated by electronic signature (BNI e-Secure/mobile token).
    • Has a variety of report formats that can be downloaded and sent via email based on customer transactions.
    • It is available in two languages : Indonesian and English.

    Benefit of BNIDirect Mobile :

    • Accessible via Android and iOS devices.
    • Display in accordance with the size of the screen.
    • There is no need to carry any tokens.
    • Security layers.
    • Auto-update BNIDirect Mobile feature (no need to reinstall).
    • Mobile Applications Android's minimum version is Lollipop, and iOS's minimum version is iOS8.

    Security of BNIDirect Mobile :

    • BNIDirect Mobile users must complete the activation.
    • Transactions are authenticated using M-PIN and OTP, which are sent to the user's registered BNIDirect mobile number
    • M-PIN is required for access to sensitive menus.
    • Data communication between the device and the app server is encrypted with AES 256.
    • Web Application Firewall (WAF) validation.

    Terms and Conditions to Become a BNIDirect Mobile User Customer :

    • Already registered in the BNIDirect web application.
    • For new customers, use the BNIDirect Registration Application by adding the BNIDirect Mobile feature and including each user's mobile/cell phone number.
    • For existing customers, use the BNIDirect Maintenance Application to add BNIDirect Mobile features and mobile/cell phone numbers for each user.

    The Feature BNIDirect :

    1. Tax Payment.
    2. Account Information.
    3. Bill Payment.
    4. Transfer Management.
    5. Mass Payment.
    6. BNI Pops.
    7. Collection Management.
    8. Liquidity Management.
    9. SC Pay Management.
    10. Information Management.
    11. Collective DPLK.
    12. BNI Kepabeanan.
    13. Virtual Account Management.
    14. Import / Export LC.
    15. FSCM.

  4. Platform

    1. Ministry of Finance Restructuring VA Dashboard.

      Dashboard for monitoring cash in, cash out, initial balance, final balance of each work unit (VA Account) which is accumulated at the Eselon, Ministry and National levels.

    2. Dashboard Universitas University Dashboard

      Dashboard for tracking transactions in each faculty's University

  5. BNI Fast

    National retail payment system infrastructure that provides real-time retail payment facilities that are safe, efficient, and accessible at any time (24 hours non-stop).

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