Money Market

  • Money Market Account (MMA)
  • Deposit on Call (DOC)

Money Market Account (MMA)

MMA is a product of customer funds in rupiah or USD with a minimum term of one day (overnight) and a maximum of one year.


  • Customers can take advantage of idle funds in a very short period of time, starting from one day (overnight).
  • The fund placement period can be adjusted to the needs of fund owner, ranging from one day to one year.
  • MMA interest rate is according to the interest rate prevailing in money market.
  • MMA can be disbursed at any time without charging penalty.

Deposit on Call (DOC)

DOC is a deposit product in rupiah or USD with a minimum term of three days and maximum thirty days.


  • Provides attractive interest and various time options, so that Company's liquidity is not disturbed because the funds can be disbursed at any time.
  • Customer can use idel fund in short term, namely 3 (three) days with minimum placement amount that is lower than MMA.
  • Disbursement prior to due date is not charged with penalty.


Repo is a securities sale contract accompanied by securities repurchase after a certain period of time, at fixed price.

Reverse repo is a purchase securities contract accompanied by securities resale after a certain period of time, at a fixed price.

Customer is a party who sells bonds and receives an amount fund as agreed, then after a certain period of time is required to repurchase the bonds that have been sold in an agreed price.


  • As an alternative solution to meet the liquidity needs of for Companies.
  • As a financing alternative with more competitive cost compared to conventional financing.
  • As an alternative to investing in short-term fund with relatively safe risk as there is credit risk mitigation by switching from unsecured borrowing and lending transactions to secured borrowing and lending transactions.
  • The interest rate follows the interbank money market interest rate and is calculated using a simple interest calculation.
  • Transactions are advised and uncommitted in the form of single transaction mechanism (loans with collateral).