Asuransi BLife Solusi Abadi Plus

Why Asuransi BLife Solusi Abadi Plus

    In living life, risks can come at any time regardless of our age. Likewise, when old age arrives, life's needs still have to be met even though the productive period has passed. What we need is protection throughout our lives, complete with old age security. All of this is in Solusi Abadi Plus, a life insurance program that provides lifelong protection or up to the age of 90 with a short premium payment period. Not only that, we provide more benefits in the form of returns for all premiums that have been paid

Program Excellence

    Refund of Premium : Refund of premiums paid.

    Premium Payment : Flexible premium payment options, whether monthly, quarterly, semesterly or annually.

    Insured Age : The insured reaches the age of 90 years.

Program Benefits

    Key Benefits : Death Benefits due to any cause and Life Benefits (Premium Refunds and End of Contract Benefits).

Participation Conditions

    Insurance Period : Until the Insured is 90 years old.

    Insured Entry Age : 18 to 60 years (Entry age + premium payment period not more than 65 years).

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For further information, please contact our Bancassurance Specialist at BNI Branches.