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BNI SMS Banking

Making banking transactions can now be done anywhere using your mobile phone. BNI SMS Banking is a banking service facility that makes it easy to refill credit, transfer up to pay BNI Credit Card bills as easily as you send SMS to yourfriends, family or the people closest to you.

BNI SMS Banking can be accessed with 3 options :

  • Menu application can be downloaded via App Store and Google Play Store.
  • Syntax (can be viewed on "Format" table).
  • USSD *141#.

Benefits and Advantages

  • Inquiry on the last 3 transactions and inquiry on BNI Credit Card and other bills.
  • Flexible PIN change.
  • Can be accessed by various types of mobile/smartphone based on Android, iOS, JAVA, Blackberry, Windows (for SMS type).
  • Options for how to do BNI SMS Banking transactions can be done with :
    1. Type syntax
    2. BNI SMS Banking Menu
    3. USSD *141# Service
  • For SMS Banking Menu application can be downloaded by Android and iOS based smartphones on Play Store and Windows App Store.
  • There are several features of billing payment transactions and electronic money purchases.
  • Changing accounts that want to be used as source of funds.

Safe Way of Having Transaction Via BNI SMS Banking

  • Make sure the mobile number registered on BNI SMS Banking service is your personal mobile number.
  • Contact BNI Call 1500046 or the nearest BNI branch if your mobile phone registered with BNI SMS Banking is lost.
  • Immediately delete your Sent Items after making a transaction.
  • Do not tell your BNI SMS Banking PIN to others including bank officers or family.
  • Avoid to record BNI SMS Banking PIN anywhere.
  • If your transaction does not get a reply from 3346, to avoid double transaction please call BNI Call 1500046 to check.

BNI SMS Banking

There are two easy ways for BNI customers to become BNI SMS Banking Users: via BNI ATM or via BNI Branches.

BNI SMS Banking Registration and Activation Via BNI ATM

  • Register at BNI ATM using BNI debit card, enter to "e-Channel Registration" menu, do the steps :
    1. Select "BNI SMS Banking".
    2. Enter your mobile phone number.
    3. Create BNI SMS Banking PIN (6 digits).*
    4. Enter the financial activation OTP Code.
  • After you successfully register and activate at BNI ATM, you will get an activation receipt from BNI ATM and your mobile phone will receive a successful activation SMS from 3346.
  • BNI SMS Banking Service can be used for financial transactions.

* : for SMS Banking PIN, avoid using consecutive numbers and equal numbers.

BNI SMS Banking Registration and Activation Via BNI Branch

  • Come to the nearest BNI branch by bringing :
    1. Personal Identity Card (KTP, SIM, Passport).
    2. Ownership proof of individual accounts (Taplus and its derivatives and individual Giro) and/or BNI Card.
  • Branch Office officer will help you to carry out registration process and activation of BNI SMS Banking.

BNI SMS Banking

Non-Financial Transaction FeatureDescription
InformationBalance InformationCheck savings account balance
Transaction MutationCheck the last 3 transactions
DPLK accountCheck DPLK account balance
BNI Credit CardCheck the amount of bill to be paid
Post Paid Telephone
Subscription Internet/ TV
Account ListInformation on the accounts owned (max. 4)
SettingChange PINChange SMS Banking PIN
Change AccountChange source of SMS Banking transaction account
Financial Transaction FeatureLimit Transaction/DayAdmin Fee
TransferTransfer to BNI AccountRp 25 millionFree
Inter-Bank TransferRp 10 millionRp 6,500.-
PaymentCredit CardAccording to Billing AmountBNI : Free
Other Bank : Rp 7,500.-
Post Paid TelephoneUp to Rp 2,500.-
ElectricityRp 3,500.-
Water/PAM and IPLRp 2,500.- to Rp 3,000.-
Subscription TV/InternetUp to Rp 5,000.-
TicketUp to Rp 5,000.-
State RevenueRp 3,000.- to Rp 5,000.-
Personal LoanRp 7.500,-
SamsatUp to Rp 5.000,-
Installment/Multi FinanceRp 4.000,- to Rp 7.500,-
Purchase Top Up Link Aja  
Mobile phone/Telephone CreditAccording to DenominationUp to Rp 1.500,-
Electricity TokenAccording to Purchasing AmountRp 3.500,-
Data PackageAccording to Purchasing AmountUp to Rp 1.500,-
Tap CashAccording to Purchasing AmountFree
Top Up Go-PayRp 2 millionRp 1.000,-
Top Up UnikquRp 1 millionFree
Top Up Electronic Money (iSaku) Rp 2 million Rp 1.000,-
Voucher Orange TV According to Purchasing Amount Free
Other Purchase (LPG 3 KG)According to Purchasing AmountFree
FeeSMS DeliverSMS Receive
*TelkomselRp 300,- to Rp 400,-Rp 600,- to Rp 660,-Rp 1.200,- to Rp 1.320,-
*Other ProviderRp 250,- to Rp 400,-Rp 300,- to Rp 650,-Rp 935,- to Rp 1.300,-

*)Desc.: according to provider’s policy.

BNI SMS Banking

InformationBalance Information
Transaction Mutation
DPLK Account
INQDPLK(NumberRek. DPLK (BNI Simponi))
BNI Credit Card
TAGBNI(BNI Credit Card Number)
Post Paid TelephoneKartu HaloTAGHALO(Kartu HALO Mobile phone Number)
Indosat OoredooTAGINDOSAT(Indosat Mobile phone Number)
TelkomTAGTELKOM(4 digit Code Area+Phone Number)
XL XplorTAGPLOR(Xplor Mobile phone Number)
3(Tri)TAG(Tri Mobile phone Number)
SmartfrenTAGSMARTFREN(Smartfren Mobile phone Number)
TAGPLN(Customer ID Number)
Subscription Internet/TV BerlanggananIndovisionTAGINDOVISION(Customer ID Number)
TransvisionTAGTRANSVISION(Customer ID Number)
TelkomTAGTELKOM(Customer ID Number)
Account List
Chage PIN
Change Account
GANTIACCOUNT(Account NumberRek To be used for SMS Banking Transaction)
TransferTransfer BNI Account
TRANSFER(Destination Acc. Number)(Nominal Transfer)
With newsTRANSFER(Destination Acc. Number)(Nominal Transfer)#News#
With notificationTRANSFER(Destination Acc. Number)(Nominal Transfer))(Receiver’s Phone Number)
Inter-Bank Transfer
TRANSFERINTERBANK(BankCode+Destination Account)(Nominal Transfer)##
PaymentCredit CardBNIPAYBNI(Credit Card Number)(Payment Amount)
ANZPAYANZ(Credit Card Number)(Payment Amount)
BRIPAYBRI(Credit Card Number)(Payment Amount)
BukopinPAYBUKOPIN(Credit Card Number)(Payment Amount)
CitibankPAYCITIBANK(Credit Card Number)(Payment Amount)
CIMB NiagaPAYNIAGA(Credit Card Number)(Payment Amount)
DanamonPAYDANAMON(Credit Card Number)(Payment Amount)
HSBCPAYHSBCCredit Card Number)(Payment Amount)
Bank MegaPAYMEGA(Credit Card Number)(Payment Amount)
Bank PermataPAYPERMATA(Credit Card Number)(Payment Amount)
Standard CharteredPAYSCB(Credit Card Number)(Payment Amount)
PaninPAYPANIN(Credit Card Number)(Payment Amount)
Post Paid TelephoneTelkomPAYTELKOM(4 digit Code Area+Phone Number)
Telkomsel HALOPAYHALO(Kartu HALO Mobile phone Number)
IndosatPAYINDOSAT(Indosat Mobile phone Number)
XL XlorPAYPLOR(Xplor Mobile phone Number)
Tri (3)PAY(Tri Mobile phone Number)
SmartfrenPAYSMARTFREN(Smartfren Mobile phone Number)
ElectricityPLN Electricity BillPAYPLN(Customer ID Number)
BPJS EmploymentWage ReceiverPAYBPJSTKPU(Billing Number)(Number of Month)
Non-Wage ReceiverPAYBPJSTKBPU(NIK KTP)(Number of Month)
Indonesia WorkerPAYBPJSTKTKI(Payment Code)(Number of Month)
BPJS Health
PAYBPJSTKES(Participant Code)(Number of Month)
Water/PAM and IPL
PAYPAM(Name of PDAM or IPL)(Customer Number)
Subscription TV/InternetMNC Vision/Indovision/TopTV/OkevisionPAYMNCVISION(Customer Number)
First MediaPAYFIRSTMEDIA(Customer Number)
TransvisionPAYTRANSVISION(Customer Number)
Internet TelkomPAYTELKOM(Customer Number)
TicketGaruda IndonesiaPAYGARUDA(Payment Code)
Lion AirPAYLION(Payment Code)
CitilinkPAYCITILINK(Payment Code)
Zakat/Infaq/QurbanZakatZAKAT(Name of Zakat Entity)(Nominal)
InfaqINFAQ(Name of Infaq Entity)(Nominal)
QurbanQURBAN(Name of Qurban Entity)(Nominal)
State RevenuePNBP AHU (Fiduciary)PAYPNBPAHU(Billing Number)
PBBPAYPBB(Object Number)(SPPT Tax Year)
Regional TaxPAYPAJAKDAERAH(Region)(Object Number)
InsuranceJiwasrayaPAYJIWASRAYA(Participant Code)
AJB BumiputeraPAYBUMIPUTERA(Payment type)(NumberSPAJ/Policy)
PrudentialPAYPRUDENTIAL(Payment type)(NumberSPAJ/Policy)(Nominal)
Personal LoanCitibankPAYKTACITIBANK(Acc. Number)(Nominal)
DBS/Eks-ANZPAYKTAANZ(Acc. Number)(Nominal)
Standard CharteredPAYKTASCB(Acc. Number)(Nominal)
HSBCPAYKTAHSBC(Acc. Number)(Nominal)
SamsatJatimPAYSAMSAT(Samsat Code+Payment Code)
SignalPAYSIGNAL(Payment Code)
Installment/Multi FinanceNSC Multi FinancePAYNSC(Contract Number)
BNI Multi FinancePAYBNIMF(Contract Number)
Astra Credit CompanyPAYACC(Contract Number)
Oto CreditPAYOTO(Contract Number)
Adira FinancePAYADIRA(Contract Number)
FIFPAYFIF(Contract Number)
Finansia/Kredit PlusPAYKREDITPLUS(Contract Number)
SMS FinancePAYSMS(Contract Number)
PAYUTBK(Payment Code)(NISN)
PAYPGN(Customer Number)
PAYTKI(Payment Code)
PurchaseMobile phone/Telephone CreditTelkomselTOP(Number Ponsel)(Nominal)
Indosat OoredooTOP(Mobile phone Number)(Nominal)
XL/AxisTOPL(Mobile phone Number)(Nominal)
3 (Tri)TOP(Mobile phone Number)(Nominal)
SmartfrenTOPFREN(Mobile phone Number)(Nominal)
Mobile phone NumberPLN Prepaid TokenTOPPLN(ID Pel./Number Meter)(Nominal)
Status CheckCEKPLN(ID Pel./Number Meter)(Nominal)
Data PackageXL DataTOP(Package Type)(Number Telp)
Indosat OoredooTOP(Package Type)(Number Telp)
Telkomsel Internet CreditTOPPULSAINTERNET(Phone Number)(Denominasi)
Tap Cash
TOPTAPCASH(Card Number)(Nominal)
Go-Pay Top UpGo-Pay Customer Top Up TOPGOPAYCUSTOMER(Phone Number)(Nominal)
Go-Jek Driver Top UpTOPGOPAYDRIVER(Phone Number)(Nominal)
Go-Pay Merchant Top UpTOPGOPAYMERCHANT(Phone Number)(Nominal)
Top Up Unikqu
TOPUNIKQU(Phone Number)(Nominal)
Top Up Electronic Money (iSaku)
Other PurchasePertamina LPG 3KGPAYLPG3KG(Station ID)(Agent ID)(Purchasing Amount)(Delivered Date ddmmyyyy)