Collection Management

A solution for customers to accept payments for the sale of products/services so that their businesses may run effectively and efficiently, while also being able to identify sales results quickly and accurately.

Collection Management Feature for Funds Receipt :

  1. BNI Virtual Account Kredit (Virtual Account for Funds Receipt)

  2. Is a virtual account opened to help with the handling of corporate/institution revenue transactions to enable them to run effectively and efficiently. BNI Virtual Account offers the ease of identifying payment partners/customers, accurate monitoring and reporting, as well as convenience and speed in the reconciliation process.

    In this case, the virtual account is used to identify the depositor, as well as any deposits made in the virtual account are automatically recorded in the main account (pooling), which is the deposit's destination.

    Complete BNI Virtual Account features are included in the BNI e-Collection platform, which can fulfil an array of collection management needs.

    The Advantageous

    • The customer can determine the name and virtual account number as the transfer destination number and customer/depositor identification.
    • For each transaction, the name and virtual account number will appear in the current account.
    • Deposits in both IDR and USD can be made through various payment channels or from other banks (clearing/RTGS/online bank transfers).
    • Transaction result can be viewed through BNIDirect and the BNI e-Collection.
    • A relatively brief implementation period.
    • The depositor is not required to have a BNI account.
    • The customer can upload data using either BNIDirect or the BNI e-Collection portal.
    • Transaction channels : branch offices, BNI ATMs, BNIDirect corporate internet banking, BNI SMS banking, ATM Bersama/ATM of other banks, branch offices of other banks, internet banking of other banks, Agent 46.

    The Requirement :

    • Maintain a BNl Current Account as a pooling or main account.
    • Sign the BNI Virtual Credit Account usage form.
  3. Pick-up and Delivery Services

  4. A service for taking/picking up money (Cash/Check or Bilyet Giro) from the Customer's location to be deposited into the Customer's account at BNI, and/or a cash delivery service originating from withdrawing funds from the Customer's account to be delivered to the Customer's location according to the agreed-upon nominal and location.

    The Advantageous :

    1. The customer can safely, quickly, and efficiently realize the proceeds from selling/receiving funds into his account at the bank.
    2. Customers can receive cash disbursements from their bank accounts in a safe, timely, and efficient manner.

    The Requirement :

    • Maintain a BNl Current Account as a pooling or main account.
    • Meet the specified minimum average Giro fund deposition.
  5. BNI Student Payment Center (BNI SPC)

  6. Special services for customers of educational institutions and universities, both public and private, aimed at assisting in the integrated management of receiving payment of educational/academic bills/fees, including features for receiving payments, reconciliation, settlement, and reporting.

  7. Autodebit

  8. Is a monthly automatic payment made from a checking or savings account in the same currency. The debited account must first be registered.

  9. BNI Autopayment (Autopay)

  10. Is a fund receiving service offered by BNI to facilitate payment transactions directly on the Biller website and/or application, with daily limits that can be set as needed and OTP as registration validation.

    The advantageous :

    • Payment transactions with a single tap.
    • No need to launch any other applications.
    • Transactions can take place at any time and from any location.
    • With periodic validation, transactions are guaranteed to be secure.
    • A daily transaction limit can be set as needed.

    There are three types of BNI Autopay that can be tailored to the needs of the customer :

    • Retail Autopay.
    • Non-Retail Autopay.
    • Autopay Billing.
  11. OPBS Pertamina

  12. A feature that allows customers to place orders and pay for purchases of PERTAMINA products using the Host-to-Host system. It’s a way of ensuring comfort and security of PERTAMINA customers in transaction.

  13. e-PBB

  14. A solution that allows people and businesses in various regions to pay land and building taxes at any time and from any location using BNI e-Banking services.

    Payment can be made at BNI ATMs, BNI SMS Banking, BNI Mobile Banking, BNI Internet Banking Personal, BNIDirect, and Branch Offices.

  15. Ecosmart

  16. Is a solution specifically designed to assist corporate customers in carrying out member management activities for various ecosystems in an optimal, effective, and efficient manner, equipped with a variety of superior features.

    BNI ECOSmart can also help businesses with billing and management, reporting and payment dashboards, payment monitoring, and information and news delivery. With BNI ECOSmart, implementation will be simpler and faster, thanks to a variety of integration schemes tailored to your specific business requirements.

    BNI ECOSmart has been supported by the BNI e-Collection service (BNI Virtual Account), which is designed to assist Company management in optimally managing fund collection activities and identifying payers. It is also supported by BNIDirect services for tenant operations and a Dashboard for easy reporting.

    The Features :

    1. Mobile Friendly

      All bills are easily accessible via the BNI ECOSmart mobile application, which is available for both IOS and Android devices.

    2. Billing Information

      BNI ECOSmart's complete with billing information feature, which includes everything from unpaid, in process, and billing history. So there's no need to worry about missing bill due dates.

    3. User Guide

      BNI ECOSmart mobile application is simple to use because it comes with a user guide.

    4. Real-time notification

      Payment is confirmed automatically and in real time.

    5. Handling Complaint

      Customers can use the help feature to file complaints and track the status of their complaints.

    6. Chat with the Owner

      Customers can ask questions and make suggestions to Management by using the chat feature in the BNI ECOSmart Mobile application.

    The Advantageous :

    1. Quick and Simple

      With several integration scheme options tailored to your business needs, implementation is simple and quick.

    2. Flexibility in Implementation

      Can be used in a variety of ecosystems, including apartments, condos, markets, memberships, industrial areas and others.

    3. Two-Way Communication

      Ease of conducting two-way communication between management and clients.

    4. Payment Method Flexibility

      Bill payment convenience for your customers across all Bank channels in Indonesia.

    5. Reconciliation, Report, and Dashboard

      Real-time and online dashboards for management, reporting, and reconciliation systems are available and can be adjusted to meet management needs. They can also be accessed in real-time online (accurate, fast and precise).

  17. BNI EduPatrol

  18. BNI eduPATROL, also known as BNI education parental control, is an educational solution for schools and parents to monitor their children's educational development that includes features that adapt to the Distance Learning method used during the Covid-19 pandemic.

    The Advantageous :

    1. For Students' Parents/Guardians
      • Easily monitor children's activities.
      • Payment of children's education can be anywhere and anytime.
      • It is more practical to apply for permission not to attend school.
      • Easy access to information, announcements, and information about school activities.
      • Electronic notifications via smartphone applications.
    2. For Students
      • Absenteeism is simple to commit. Information, announcements.
      • Information about school activities are easily accessible.
      • It is simple to understand the value (test results) from school.
    3. For School
      • Admin system that is neat, centralized, and integrated.
      • It is simple to provide online information to parents about students or school activities.
      • Payment of tuition fees received directly into the school account.

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