BNI Structured Trade Finance

BNI Structured Trade Finance provides financing service for Supply Chain with underlying document (L/C or Non L/C) to supplier or buyer covering domestic or export–import transaction by providing payable and receivable financing method.

The benefits of channeling your financing transactions through BNI Structured Trade Finance as follows :

  • Solution to support short-term business operational.
  • Timely monitored your financed bill.

Requirements :

  • Applicant must be BNI Customer.
  • Diversed underlying document can be submitted as financing collateral as follow :
    • Purchase Order/Sales Contract, and
    • Invoice/Proforma Invoice, and
    • Another supplementary document.
  • Supplier or Buyer have maintained regular transactions.
  • Other requirements related to structured trade finance facilities.

For more information, please contact our services at 1500046.