BNI Smartpay

BNI Smartpay

  1. What is BNI Smartpay
  2. BNI Smartpay is a BNI SMS Banking service used for e-commerce payment transaction.

    BNI Smartpay is an online shopping feature for BNI SMS Banking users in a collaborative e-commerce application. This feature is a product derivative of BNI SMS Banking that provides convenience (seamless transaction) for BNI SMS Banking user customers to do their online shopping transactions in one transaction flow. After selecting goods or services on an e-commerce site, a Customer then only needs to input the pin challenge from the 83346 incoming SMS.

    To use BNI Smartpay, follow the steps below :

    1. Registration
      • Register on the main menu page of e-commerce application.
    2. Transaction
      • Select Direct Debit Payment Method on the e-commerce application.
      • Then, Customer will receive incoming SMS from 83346 mentioning the purchase and nominal must be paid by inputing pin challenge.
      • Successful payment notification will enter via SMS from 83346 also to e-commerce platform.

  3. BNI Smartpay Limit
  4. BNI Smartpay transaction payment limit is minimum Rp 1,- (one rupiah) and maximum depends on the destination e-commerce and balance available in the Transaction payment fund source account used to pay the Transaction.

  5. BNI Smartpay Transaction Security
    1. Make sure again the transaction detail appears in the incoming SMS from 83346 over the confirmation of BNI Smartpay is correct the transaction you want to execute.
    2. Keep confidential you BNI SMS Banking PIN.
    3. Immediately delete the incoming SMS history from 83346 after the transaction is completed.
    4. Visit the nearest BNI Branch Office if you find any oddity.

  6. Customer Complaint
  7. Handling of customer complaint for BNI Smartpay transactions will be resolved by BNI via BNI Call 1500046 or Customer Service of the related e-commerce site/online shop.