BNI Pandai

BNI Pandai

BNI Pandai In order to improve the activities of public financial service, the Financial Services Authority (OJK) together with the banking industry and other financial services are committed to support the realization of inclusive finance through the provision of financial services without reliance on physical office network under the Branchless Banking mechanism, hereinafter referred to as the Layanan Keuangan Tanpa Kantor Dalam Rangka Keuangan Inklusif (Laku Pandai) or "Financial Services Using Virtual Office in the Framework of Inclusive Finance".

In order to support the Branchless Banking mechanism which refers to the Regulation of Financial Services Authority (POJK) Number 19/POJK.03/2014 regarding financial services using virtual office in the framework of inclusive finance dated November 18, 2014 and Circular Letter of the Financial Services Authority (SEOJK) Number 6/SEOJK.03/ 2015 regarding financial services using virtual office in the framework of inclusive finance by the Bank dated February 6, 2015, BNI has launched the BNI Pandai product. The BNI Pandai Savings is a savings for individuals with easy and simple requirements published by BNI with basic savings accounts (BSA) characteristics and can be opened through the BNI Branch Offices or through the Agents.

Tariff and Features of BNI Pandai

Savings has the Basic Saving Account characteristics as follows :

1.Deposits :
a.Initial DepositsUnlimited
b.Subsequent DepositsUnlimited
2.Balance :
a.Minimum BalanceUnlimited
b.Maximum BalanceRp 20.000.000,-.
3.Interests (it is calculated based on the tiered-balance) :
a.Rp 0,- to Rp 500.000,-0,01% p.a
b.> Rp 500.000,- to Rp 1.000.000,-0,15% p.a
c.> Rp 1.000.000,-0,25% p.a
4.Charges :
a.Administrasi pengelolaan rekeningNone
b.Dormant Account PenaltyNone
c.Account ClosingNone
5.Limit :
a.Cumulative cash withdrawal through all channelsRp 5.000.000,00 per month
b.Cumulative cash withdrawal through all channels, especially for debtorsRp 60.000.000,- per year
c.Debit Card :
1).WithdrawalRp 1.000.000,- per day
2).Inter-BNI Accounts TransferRp 1.000.000,- per day
3).PurchasingRp 1.000.000,- per day or 5 times of transaction (whichever occurs first)
6.Affiliates account/Auto-debitMicro Credit
BPJS Contribution/premium payment
Remarks :
  • The account will turns inactive (dormant) if there is no debit and credit transactions, in addition to transactions of administration fee, minimum balance fines, taxes, interest and auto-debit transaction, for 6 consecutive months.
  • The deposits and cash withdrawals transactions can be made in all domestic Branch Offices and Agents in cooperation with BNI.