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EDC (Electronic Data Capture) : Device to recaive payment used by the Merchant collaborates with BNI. BNI EDC wide acceptance can accept payment for Visa, Master Card, American Express, JCB, QRIS, TapCash and LinkAja.


Come join as BNI Merchant and Use BNI EDC to Ease Your Business.
To apply for BNI EDC, you can visit the nearest BNI Branch Office or contact BNI merchant care at 021-57891246 or



BNI EDC wide acceptance is for Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, QRIS, Debit BNI, TapCash, and LinkAja.

Gratis Biaya Administrasi

Free Administration Fee

New Merchant is not charged with administration fee on the initial application.

Electronic Cash Register

Electronic Cash Register

To maintain transaction accuracy by connecting EDC Machine and Electronic Cash Register.

Cicilan 0%

0% Installment

Lighten customer spending at merchants.

Completeness of Individual Documents
Photocopy of KTP and NPWP.
Location Photograph.
Photocopy of SIUP/TDP.
Photocopy of business location legality SKDBM/Certificate/Lease Certificate).

Completeness of Legal Entity Documents (PT/CV)
Photocopy of establishment deed above 2007.
Photocopy of deed of amendment (if any) 2007 and above.
Photocopy of legalization letter attached to each deed (Decree of Minister of Justice).
Photocopy of KTP the signing Board of Directors.
Photocopy of of NPWP of the Business Entity (PT).
Photocopy of Company Business License/Company Registration (SIUP/TDP).
Photocopy of Business location legality (SKDBM/Certificate/Lease Certificate).
Photograph of Location and Name Sign.
Card TypeMDR (Merchant Discount Rate)
BNI Debit Card.0.15%.
BNI Credit Card.2% (Negotiable).
Other Bank Debit Card.1%.
Other Bank Credit Card.2% (Negotiable).

For more information, please contact BNI Call 1500046.

For furter explanation on how to use EDC, can be downloaded di sini.