BNI Haji

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BNI Haji

Inspiring the realization of your pilgrimage intention.

  • Facilitating preparation of funds to perform Hajj.
  • Assisting in the planning of funds needed for Hajj through auto-debit facilities (fixed deposit system) with a flexible tenor and deposit amount from the affiliate accounts of BNI Taplus, BNI Taplus Bisnis, BNI Giro Rupiah for Individuals.
  • Easiness of funds deposit into the BNI Haji account through all BNI Branch Offices, BNI ATM service, BNI SMS Banking and BNI Internet Banking facilities.
  • Free of life insurance premiums with accidental benefits for a maximum insurance benefits amounting to the Pilgrimage Costs (BPIH) and won a scholarship for the heirs up to IDR 30 Million.
  • Free administration fee.
  • Free account opening and closing fee.
  • BNI Haji account can be opened throughout BNI Branches in accordance with the Customer’s place of domicile in the same province.
  • Enclosing a copy of Resident’s Identity Card/other identity card which is still valid by producing the original thereof.
  • Withdrawal from the balance of BNI Haji account may be made at the opening Branch Office and frequency of withdrawal is limited once a year.
  • The balance maintained after the withdrawal shall be IDR 500,000.- which is the minimum balance of BNI Haji.

Assumption of account opening initial deposit : IDR 500,000.-.

Assumption of deposit amount to get portion number : IDR 25,000,000.- *).

The monthly fixed deposit paid by the Customer shall be as follows :

Getting the Portion Number (in the …Year)Monthly Fixed Deposit (IDR)

*) Subject to change at any time according to the provisions of the Ministry of Religious Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia.

BNI Haji
  • Minimum initial deposit
IDR 500.000
  • Minimum subsequent deposits
IDR 5.000