Traveller's Cheque

Provision of cheque as a very safe payment instrument for Customers who travel abroad. The Traveler’s Cheque is easily cashed at buying rate applicable at the local Bank. The Traveler’s Cheque available in the BNI Branches is the Traveler’s Cheque issued by foreign correspondents such as Citibank (Citicorp) and Thomas Cook.


Giving a sense of ease and secure when traveling abroad. If the Traveler’s Cheque is lost in transit, the Traveler’s Cheque holder may report and apply for the replacement (refund) to the Bank at the place where the loss occurs.


  • Purchase of Traveler’s Cheque is paid in cash :
    1. IDR or Bank Notes based on the applicable selling rate.
    2. Account charges in IDR or foreign currencies.
  • Signing the form of foreign exchange selling note by producing the identity card (Resident’s Identity Card/ Passport).