BNI Life PA Protection Plus


  • Life benefit : daily inpatient benefit at the Hospital due to accidents, permanent disability benefit to accidents, bones fracture due to bodies injury or accidents, cash compensation if Hospitalized for minimum 10 (ten) consecutive days.
  • Death benefit : death compensation due to accident.
  • Additional benefit : no claim bonus of 30% of the premium paid if there is no claim within 3 consecutive years, medical evacuation services and merchant discounts.

Other Benefits

  1. Affordable premium.
  2. Optimal accident insurance protection (8 benefits in 1 program).
  3. Additional spouse premium discount based on the selected plan.

Product Terms

  • Sum insured : IDR 20.000.000,- to IDR 750.000.000,-.
  • Minimum basic premium : according to selected plan.
  • Insured entry age : 18 years old - 80 years old.
  • Premium payment method : monthly dan annualy.
  • Insurance Period : 1 year and can be renewed until the participant maximum age is 65 years.

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