BNI Life Active

Why BNI Life Active

    It is an Accident Insurance protection product that provides benefits of Death Benefit due to Accident, Medical Expense Benefit due to Accident, and Service Assistance.

Programme Advantages

    Affordable premium.

    Coverage and Returns.

    Sum assured for accidental death benefit up to 1 Billion.

Programme Benefits

    Death Benefit: Compensation for death due to accident up to 1 billion.

    Living Benefit: Compensation for medical expenses due to accidents up to 10 million.

Participation Requirements

    Minimum Premium : IDR 54,000 per month.

    Entry Age of Insured : 18 years - 64 years.

    Premium Payment Period : Monthly and annually.

    1 year can be extended until the maximum coverage age of 65 years old.

Contact Us

    For further information, please contact BNI Call..