BNI Simpanan Pelajar

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BNI SimPel

BNI Simpanan Pelajar (SimPel) is a savings product for students of Early Childhood, Kindergarten, Elementary School, Junior High School, Senior High School, Madrasah (MI, MTs, MA) or equivalent issued nationally by banks in Indonesia, with an easy and simple requirements and interesting features, within the framework of financial education and inclusion to promote the saving culture from early childhood.

  • Providing financial education on savings product.
  • Encouraging a fond of saving behavior.
  • Training of financial management from early childhood.
  • Students can have the savings on his/her own behalf.
  • Low initial deposit that is IDR 5,000.- only and subsequent deposits a minimum of IDR 1,000.-
  • Free administration fee.
  • Students of the Junior High School and Senior High School or the equivalent instantly get BNI SimPel Debit Card facility that can be used by the Students for transactions at BNI ATM, ATM Link, ATM Bersama, and ATM Prima networks and shopping transactions in the shops using BNI EDC.
  • Providing with BNI SMS Banking facility.
  • Having the opportunity to participate in the lottery program implemented by BNI.
BNI SimPel
Minimum initial depositIDR 5.000,-
Minimum subsequent depositsIDR 1.000,-
Minimum balanceIDR 5.000,-
Limit of cash withdrawal frequency at the schoolMaximum twice (2) per month
Maximum amount of cash withdrawal at the schoolIDR 250.000,-
Withdrawal frequency limit (cash, overbooking, transfer) through the TellerUnlimited
Maximum withdrawal amount (cash, overbooking, transfer) through the TellerUnlimited
Administration fee per monthFree
Card Fee :
  • Card administration per month
IDR 1.000,-
  • New Card issuance
  • Damaged/lost Card replacement
IDR 10.000,-
  • Card replacement due to expired date (validity period due date)
  • Dormant account penalty per month
IDR 1.000,-
  • Account closing at the request of the Customer/the Bank’s initiation because the balance has reached = IDR 5,000.-
IDR 5.000,-
  • Passbook replacement
BalanceInterest Rate (%) p.a.
All balance0.00%