BNI Bank Reference

SKB (Bank Certificate) services are provided to individual Customers or Legal Entities. This SKB in the form of a written statement is given by the Bank to its Customer for a variety of purposes and is non-binding, non-promising and does not provide collateral.


  • Facilitate business transactions.
  • Build trust in business relationships.
  • Meet business relationships requirements, for example for :
    • Obtaining Import Identification Numb (API).
    • Obtaining distributorship for goods and services.
    • Obtaining order/wholesale work.
    • Opening account in other Bank (for current account Customers).
    • Continuing overseas school/education.
    • Trade requirements or other needs that normally require SKB.


  • Submit SKB application letter to the nearest BNI.
  • Current account/loan account holders are classified as current.
  • Not listed in Bank Indonesia‚Äôs black list (local/combination).