BNIFX - Your Foreign Exchange Transaction Solution, Full of Ease and Convenience

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BNIFX is a web-based digital platform that Corporate Customers can use to conduct non-physical Forex transactions directly with BNI Treasury Dealers. Customers can use a web browser to access BNIFX by typing

The Features :

  • News.
  • Forex rates are available in real-time and can be accessed.
  • Customers can transact by "Click & Done," or they can use the "negotiate" feature to negotiate more competitive exchange rates.
  • Report to display historical reports on foreign exchange transactions.
  • Integration with BNIDirect, allowing BNIFX transaction ticket numbers to be directly entered into BNIDirect for transaction settlement.

The Benefit :

  • BNIFX is not a desktop application (APK), but rather a web-based service that customers can access via the internet by typing
  • Ease of access to tools that allow Direct Dealing Customers to transact with Treasury Division Dealers in ways other than by phone and email.
  • Convenience, corporate Customers can conduct transactions via a secure and accountable platform.
  • Get competitive and "hittable" real-time exchange rate price data.
  • "Click & Deal" makes buying and selling foreign exchange simple.
  • Customers can use the "Negotiate" feature to directly negotiate prices with Treasury Division Dealers.
  • When compared to existing transactions via phone or email, transaction timing, time efficiency, and communication costs are all improved.
  • The customer receives a transaction confirmation after the deal done is automatically generated by the system.
  • Customers can enter transaction ticket numbers and choose between BNIDirect and Branch Tellers for transaction settlement.
  • Customers have the option to view transaction history reports.

BNIFX Activation Of Transactions

  1. Direct dealing with corporations Customers complete and sign the BNIFX registration form.
  2. The treasury division provides a user ID for logging in after the user ID is registered in the Admin System.
  3. The system will automatically send the password to the registered customer's email address.
  4. Customer log in to
  5. The customer selects currency, nominal, and exchange rate.
  6. Enter the purpose and transaction documents if the Customer has agreed to the exchange rate.
  7. The system will send a ticket number and transaction confirmation to the customer's registered email address.
  8. The customer can then use the ticket number to complete the transaction at the Branch or on BNIDirect.

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