Individual BNI Giro

If you require an account that can simplify business transactions while also providing flexibility, BNI Individual Current Account is the best option because it offers banking services with a variety of conveniences and facilities for customers.

  1. BNI Debit Card (Gold, Platinum).
  2. Automatic Transfer System (Sweep Account Online).
  3. E-Channel (Mobile Banking, Internet Banking dan lain-lain).
  • Customers receive account mutation details to assist in transaction monitoring.
  • Currency options include : IDR, USD, SGD, EUR, GBP, JPY, CNY, AUD dan HKD.
  • Progressive and competitive current account services, in which the higher your current account balance, the higher the demand deposit service you will obtain.
  1. Completing the opening form as well as the banking service form that you may need.
  2. Enclosing documents: photocopy ID and NPWP
  3. For Personal Customers: Photocopy of Akte Pendirian/Anggaran Dasar Perusahaan beserta perubahannya/sertifikat dan Pernyataan Pendirian Perseroan Perorangan, NIB, NPWP, susunan pengurus dan identitas diri pejabat yang berwenang.
  4. Not on the Bank Indonesia Black List (Daftar Hitam Nasional/DHN).
  5. Make a first deposit :
    • Rp 500.000,- for IDR Account.
    • USD 250 for USD Account.
Tiering SaldoInterest Giro IDR Personal Customer
0 - Rp 10 juta0.00%
≥ Rp 10 juta - < Rp 100 juta0.25%
≥ Rp 100 juta - < Rp 500 juta1.10%
≥ Rp 500 juta1.75%
Tiering SaldoGiro Valuta Asing
BNI Giro personal for Foreign Exchange : USD, SGD, GBP, EUR, JPY dan HKDBunga sewaktu-waktu dapat berubah
Tiering SaldoCurrency Type Intereset
All NominalUSD*0.15%
All NominalSGD, GBP, JPY, HKDAt any time may change

*efecttive from 11 October 2022.

  1. Administrative fines if the minimum balance is below IDR 25,000/month.
  2. Account management fee IDR 25,000/month.
  3. Account closing fee IDR 25,000.
Fee for Giro Rupiah :
Fees for sending statement current account signed by a bank official and based on the routine period requested by the customer are subject to an additional printing (R/K) fee as follows:
  • Daily :
Rp 15.000,- + Delivery Cost
  • Weekly :
Rp 37.500.- + Delivery Cost
The fee for reprinting account statements per sheet signed by a Bank official and taken personally by the customer at the Branch is tier-based as follows :
  • for the last 3 months
Rp 2.000,-/lembar
  • > 3 month to < the last 5 years
Rp 5.000,-/lembar
  • > for the last 5 tahun terakhir :
Rp 10.000,-/lembar

BNI Giro Multi Currency is the best, simplest way, and most accurate way for customers to manage business transactions. Customers need only one account number, namely the Master Account to make transactions with different currencies. BNI Multi Currency Current Account will improve the effectiveness and efficiency of customer transactions.

The Advantageous :
  1. Use only the one account number, the Master Account, which serves as a Multi-Currency Account.
  2. Can meet the business requirements of Corporate Customers/Prospective Customers, Institutions/Ministries/Institutions, and commercial enterprises.
  3. Available throughout 9 (nine) currencies :
    • IDR.
    • JPY.
    • GBP.
    • USD.
    • EUR.
    • AUD.
    • SGD.
    • HKD.
    • CNY.
  4. Acceptable for customers in international trade/import/export, mining, and logistics.
  5. Provide a sense of comfort which is practical and profitable.

Please contact us whenever you need further detail

Perhatian :
BNI Non-Individual Current Account that have remained inactive and have zero balance for 9 months will be closed automatically by the system.

Please contact us whenever you need further detail:

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