Thanks to BNI Xpora, MSME Performance Doubles

Thanks to BNI Xpora, MSME Performance Doubles

Solo, 23 November 2021 -- Optimism for the performance expansion of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) is getting stronger towards the end of 2021. The export market also opens up the potential for greater performance expansion in line with the efforts of PT Bank Negara Indonesia, (Persero) Tbk. in accelerating the BNI Xpora program.

Ariani Wibawa Januar is the manager of Batik Arjuna Cemerlang. She said that the end of the year economic conditions became a momentum to recover and at the same time pursue targets that had been delayed since last year.

She said that the business, which was initiated in 1966, has been able to record an export of up to US$5 billion. In fact, Batik Arjuna Cemerlang is more optimistic about doubling its performance to US$10 billion in the next decade.

Ariyani conveyed that her business optimism could not be separated from BNI's support. This international bank not only facilitates payroll financing and management, it is also proactive in opening up new markets for exports. "So far we have been present in all European countries such as Germany, Britain, France, and also Australia. Arjuna Batik Cemerlang has received a lot of input and access so that we can already expand to other countries such as Nigeria, Russia, Finland, and America," she added.

The founder of Aryasena Handycraft, Rezha Pramudiati also said that BNI has opened her business horizons. So far, Aryasena has carried out export activities, but has never expanded aggressively with BNI. Aryasena is now able to export at least 4 containers per month and continues to increase along with the addition of global partners through BNI Xpora. “BNI was very helpful in this process, starting from providing me the opportunity to participate in exhibitions. Then held meetings via zoom between me and the buyers facilitated by BNI," Rezha said.

Meanwhile, recently Aryasena received a request with fantastic value from its business partners in South Korea. This expansion has further strengthened it to make further investments to increase business capacity.

BNI Encourages MSMEs to Go Global

PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero), Tbk. as an International Bank continues to be committed to not only optimizing the potential for national economic recovery but also to creating even greater leverage for MSME players by taking advantage of the global market. Iqbal said the economic performance at the end of the year showed a very encouraging trend. BNI also continues to encourage MSME players to take advantage of greater potential in the global arena. "As an international bank, of course, our plan for MSMEs is not only to raise the class but also to encourage them to go global. We have prepared various strategies, and the demand trend is also improving," he said.

Iqbal explained that BNI has 3 strategic focuses to encourage MSMEs to move up to the international level. First, empowering Export MSMEs and the diaspora, where BNI does not only work with MSME players to expand their business abroad, but also encourages business development for Indonesian citizens living overseas or known as diaspora. Second, creating a superior business ecosystem, where BNI focuses on working on leading sectors in each region to encourage empowerment and absorption of local workers. Third, establishing a Digital Value Chain, where BNI provides comprehensive support through financing to mentoring BNI partners from upstream to downstream.

Through BNI Xpora, Iqbal said BNI became a one stop shopping solution hub in Jakarta, Bandung, Solo, Denpasar, Surabaya, Medan and Makassar and digital portal. "We also have fast and quality services, easy and integrated financial solutions, non-cash transaction solutions that will be very helpful," he said.

During a Working Visit of the Indonesian House of Representatives Commission VI to Solo, the Deputy Chair of the Indonesian House of Representatives Commission VI, Aria Bima, appreciated BNI's commitment as an international bank in encouraging the potential of MSMEs to an international level.

"BNI continues to be committed to developing Indonesian economy, especially supporting MSMEs to Go Global, including to empowering Indonesian diaspora to be more productive," he added.

He conveyed that the Indonesian House of Representatives received very positive input from MSME players regarding BNI's financial solutions and export solutions. "All of the products are very helpful. BNI itself implements very appropriate strategies, including digital transformation to encourage an increase in Indonesian export MSMEs," he added.

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