Encouraging Economic Performance 2022, BNI Supports Credit Expansion

Encouraging Economic Performance 2022, BNI Supports Credit Expansion

Jakarta, 11 December 2021 -- The government targets Indonesia's economic growth in 2022 to 5.2 percent in line with structural reforms, deregulation, and debureaucratization.

The Coordinating Minister for Economy, Airlangga Hartarto said that next year is the right momentum to re-carve the best economic performance after the pandemic.

"With comprehensive handling as directed by the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, we are optimistic that economic growth can grow above 5 percent or according to the State Budget of 5.2 percent," he said at the Market Outlook 2022 event, Jakarta, Thursday (9/12/2021).

In line with this, PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero), Tbk. (BNI) is increasingly optimistic that the performance of the intermediation function next year will be more aggressive. Apart from loan interest rates, this was followed by digital transformation which further increased low-cost funds for better profit recording.

"BNI is ready to answer business challenges in 2022. We believe that 2022 will be a better year because people have gradually adapted to new normal conditions," said the Finance Director of BNI, Novita Widya Anggraini at the BNI Market Outlook 2022, Thursday (9/12/2021).

She explained that BNI's business performance seen in 2021 had looked very satisfactory, where the company's net profit until the 3rd quarter of 2021 grew 96.7 percent on an annual basis. This is supported by the recording of fee-based income and interest margins which increased by 17.7% and 16.8% YoY, respectively.

As preparation for expansion, Novita said that BNI currently has sufficient capital to accelerate business development next year. Moreover, the Company has issued debt securities that strengthen the tier 2 core capital and tier 1 core capital so as to push the CAR to a position of 19.9%. This year's profit recording will also increase the strength of BNI's core capital organically.

Loan quality also shows a pattern of significant improvement, thereby making BNI's risk perception better to continue the expansion of the intermediation function. As for, BNI's NPL in the third quarter is already at 3.8% from 4.3% in the same period last year.

BNI is also able to increase the competitiveness of loan interest rates. This is thanks to the aggressive raising of low-cost funds this year so that the cost of funds has been cut by 1.6%.

“These are to be able to help our loan expansion going forward. We are also actively transforming our services and strengthening our services. We have also officially launched BNI securities in Singapore to optimize the corporate segment and Xpora to support Go Global debtors in the MSME segment," she added.

BNI Digital Transformation

During the pandemic, BNI also strengthened digital transformation to improve transactional banking capabilities, including by collaborating with fintech and e-commerce.

The strengthening includes digitizing the Company's business platform, developing digital products, and strengthening the digital ecosystem with API Open Banking.

"Currently, BNI is a bank that excels in developing API Open Banking with 283 types of services and has been used by 4,000 clients," she said.

Until September 2021, BNI has 2,263 domestic outlets spread across 34 provinces and 420 regencies/cities as well as 8 overseas outlets spread across various countries.

BNI has 23 Commercial Business Centers (SBK), 27 SME Business Centers (SBE), and 12 Consumer Loan Centers (SKK). BNI also has Agen46 network (Branchless Banking) in 149,041 locations.

BNI now has 16,392 ATMs spread across 34 provinces and 521 districts/cities including 6 (six) ATMs overseas, namely 4 ATMs in Hong Kong and 2 ATMs in Singapore. The ATM network can also serve debit card transactions bearing the GPN, Link, ATM Bersama, and Prima logos.

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