East Java MSMEs Increasingly Successful, Porang Export to Asian and European markets

East Java MSMEs Increasingly Successful, Porang Export to Asian and European markets

Jakarta, 27 December 2021 -– PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero), Tbk. (BNI) is always committed to providing various financing products for MSMEs to succeed in their business in the global market, including MSMEs from East Java.

From East Java, Krisna Purnomo from CV. DeBough Indonesia has succeeded in becoming a furniture exporter to Europe fostered by BNI Xpora. Furniture products become very valuable because they have an element of rarity. In addition, teak wood from Indonesia is also known to have very high quality.

“This historical value for Europe is very important, so how do we know what the psychology of Europeans is like. If the business is running, the challenge is no longer in terms of finding buyers but how to accommodate buyer requests. BNI always helps with this funding so that it can expand," he said in the Xpora Bargaining Power in International Market Webinar, Jakarta, Monday (7/12/2021).

Then, there is the Co-Founder of Legend Tren, M. Najih Islahuddin and the Owner of PT. Rajawali Penta Nusantara, William Perdana Putra, who is also from East Java, has successfully exported his products thanks to BNI Xpora. Porang has been successfully sold to Asian markets, including Thailand, Vietnam, China and the European market.

“The BNI Xpora program really helps my expenses because it introduces porang to farmers and then exports it and distributes funds to farmers. BNI helps from upstream to downstream, thanks to BNI Xpora for porang exporters in Indonesia," William said.

The Deputy Governor of East Java, Emil Elestianto Dardak appreciated the three exporters from East Java who proved productive in boosting the export market to support the Indonesian economy. "The role of MSMEs in the East Java economy is around 57%, which is significant. In terms of quantity, they need assistance, then quality challenges and in terms of capital. If BNI Xpora is more active in supporting the Export Center in East Java, its contribution can be even more effective," he said.

Continuing, a commitment to regional branding efforts is needed to introduce East Java province to the global market that emphasizes competitiveness, quality and increasing trust in the products of MSMEs themselves. “Obviously we need a level of confidence to endorse talent exporters to our trading partner countries as a quality manufacturing base and don't forget individual endorsements for our bargaining power. I thank BNI and our three export role models," he said.

In the meantime, the MSME Business Director of BNI, Muhammad Iqbal said, through BNI Xpora, there are three value propositions that were raised to bring more Indonesian business players into global trade, namely Go Productive, Go Digital, and Go Global.

"Through this value proposition, complete features, collaboration with various parties, BNI Xpora becomes an orchestrator that brings together sellers and buyers so that MSMEs can win the global market. BNI guarantees buyer validity by optimizing overseas branch offices (KCLN) for export facilitation," he concluded.

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