Supporting the rise of MSMEs, Here is the Form of BNI Support

Supporting the rise of MSMEs, Here is the Form of BNI Support

Jakarta, 4 February 2022 -- The performance revival of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) this year is quite potential. PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero), Tbk (BNI) ensures a more complete Banking service solution to stimulate class promotion while encouraging national MSMEs to go global.

BNI's President Director, Royke Tumilaar said the pandemic had hit many economic segments, especially MSMEs. However, this MSME segment actually shows a faster performance recovery and is able to become the recovery motor for the national economy. Moreover, this segment has a large economic contribution of more than 60% and employment of up to 97%.

This year, BNI has also prepared various Banking solutions along with coaching and mentoring programs that are expected to help MSME players advance to class while being able to penetrate the export market."We certainly see MSMEs as an opportunity for economic recovery. Moreover, as a government development agency, we are also encouraged to increase the MSME loan ratio by up to 30%," he said.

Royke explained that BNI is currently focusing on creating a productive ecosystem in developing the MSME segment. These MSME debtors are combined with an ecosystem that is related to similar business players so that they can support each other's performance growth.

This ecosystem is also connected to various digital platforms prepared by BNI, so it is hoped that it can create interlinks between the MSME ecosystem, and be able to respond big demands.From the demand side, BNI is also a state-owned Bank that supports the MSME Digital Market (PaDi). BNI is actively expanding the procurement of goods and services from MSME players, and this is a potential market for MSME players to build a more sustainable business.

BNI Xpora

With a mandate as an Indonesian global Bank, Royke said that BNI also focused on developing potential overseas markets with BNI Xpora. This program is aimed at optimizing migrant workers as well as the Indonesian diaspora, whose number reaches 8 million. In this program, BNI supports migrant workers and the diaspora to become development agents for domestic MSME players.

"BNI is also actively encouraging domestic MSME players to build their capabilities and business capacity in responding to foreign demands with 7 Xpora Hubs spread across Sumatra, Java, Bali and Sulawesi," he added.

Royke said this year BNI will also acquire a Bank which in the future will be converted into a Digital Bank. These entities will be encouraged to be bolder in responding to requests for low interest rate loans by utilizing the latest technological innovations."We created this Digital Bank outside the system that BNI currently has in the hope of having an ecosystem that is more conducive for MSMEs to move up the class," he said.

Apart from that, Royke said that BNI also has Smart City, Smart Farming and Smart Fishing programs. These three programs are a manifestation of BNI's efforts to encourage MSME players to be more adaptive to digital Banking developments and services."We hope that with this program, there can be more buying and selling transactions for MSME players, and a bigger market share," he said. (*)


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