BNI Won The Most Active Acquirer ATM Business Award

BNI Won The Most Active Acquirer ATM Business Award

Jakarta, 4 April 2022 -- PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero), Tbk or BNI (stock code : BBNI) won an award as The Most Active Acquirer ATM Business from PT Jalin Payment Nusantara through Jalin CX Summit 2022. Jalin CX Summit is the first event held by the company to give appreciation to all members.

Throughout 2021, BNI recorded 1.53 billion ATM card transactions with a volume of Rp 560 trillion. BNI is currently focusing on digital transformation in order to keep up with the times. Transactions on BNI Mobile are recorded to continue to increase with active transactions per month reaching 12.8 million users.

The President Director of Jalin, Boyke Yurista expressed his highest appreciation for all members who are members of Jalin. He appreciated the proactive steps of all members in maximizing their potential and developing sustainable cooperation.

"On behalf of the entire management, I would like to thank you for the good synergy so far and don't forget that the cooperation that has been built can be further improved so that it can benefit all members. We also appreciate BNI for achieving the award as The Most Active Acquirer ATM Business, " said Boyke.

He conveyed that the presentation of this award was a good moment as well as providing an overview and expanding the acceptance of GPN debit cards which previously could only be made at offline merchants to become available for use at online merchants.

According to him, this can be used by members to answer questions from the wider community about how to maximize the use of GPN debit cards at online merchants when transacting in E-Commerce.
"This feature is in line with Jalin's role to provide convenience in every financial transaction to support the big vision of becoming The National Digital Highway," explained Boyke.
Boyke continued that the growth in the e-commerce transactions value in 2021 was recorded at Rp 401 trillion and the potential for people who already use the internet but are not yet fully digitally literate is 20% of the total value of Indonesia's population.
"The growth in the use of e-commerce is supported by 2 main things, namely logistics and digital payment systems, therefore it is important for us to start supporting the growth of MSMEs because the majority of MSMEs in Indonesia are in the micro sector so that they can quickly switch to a digital ecosystem," said the Chairperson of the Association. E-Commerce Indonesia (idEA), Bima Laga.
The General Manager of PT Infinitium Solutions (PTIS), Joni Haryono explained that to support the community to switch to digital payment transactions, a system that is secure and provides convenience for users is needed. One system to guarantee this is the use of 3 Domain Secure or 3DS.
"Through the use of 3D Secure which is implemented by Jalin for all its members, Jalin will be present as a directory server that connects payment gateways with Bank members. This is expected to provide security for the wider community when conducting GPN debit card transactions in e-commerce," added Joni. (*)


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