QRIS Transactions Grow Stronger

QRIS Transactions Grow Stronger

Jakarta, 5 April 2022 -- Payments using digital devices have become a very common phenomenon in economic transactions lately. Indonesians are even more active in using digital payments, which are faster, easier, and cheaper.

The Quick Response Code Indonesian Standard (QRIS) payment is one of the payment systems whose performance continues to improve amidst the efforts of regulators and financial industry players to encourage national financial inclusion.

People are starting to feel more comfortable in using QRIS, which is easier because it is able to reach various merchants with integrated mobile Banking and digital wallet applications.

The Head of the Communications Department of Bank Indonesia (BI), Erwin Haryono, appreciated the proactive role of national Banks in the growth of QRIS transaction performance so far. In addition to strengthening the back end system, the national Banking system is actively conducting various outreach programs that make people more comfortable transacting using QRIS.

"Going forward, in line with efforts to continue to encourage national economic recovery, BI continues to expect Banking support to reach an additional 15 million new QRIS users while increasing the number of transactions in 2022," he said.

In the meantime, PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk. or BNI (stock code: BBNI) also continues to record significant performance growth in line with increasing public consumption, the reliability of the company's back end system in processing transactions more quickly, as well as wider merchant coverage.

BNI has acquired more than 1.6 million QRIS merchants. BNI's total QRIS transaction volume reached IDR 297 billion as of March 2022, a significant increase from the initial optimization of QRIS usage in August 2021 which was recorded at IDR 14.9 billion. BNI's total monthly QRIS transactions as of March 2022 were recorded at 1.5 million, up from August 2021, which was recorded at 140 thousand.

BNI’s President Director, Royke Tumilaar said the company always strives to ensure the reliability and responsiveness of QRIS in supporting the speed and convenience of customer transactions so that it continues to encourage stronger transactions during this year's economic recovery.
In addition, BNI acquired merchants favored by the community, thereby stimulating growth in the number of users and transaction volume.

"Of course, we will maintain this trend and we will continue to improve it. BNI continues to make it easier for people to transact at markets, parking lots, donations to places of worship, to tax payment counters by digitizing the process with QRIS acceptance," said Royke.

Royke is optimistic that with more and more QRIS payment spots, the performance of this QRIS transaction will increase even more so that it can help the government in realizing public financial inclusion.


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