Exploring Potential, BNI Connects Xpora with Diaspora

Exploring Potential, BNI Connects Xpora with Diaspora

Jakarta, 6 April 2022 – PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero), Tbk (BNI) continues to explore international business potential. Currently, the interest of export-oriented micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in the BNI Xpora program is quite good and can be connected to diaspora in various countries.

"MSMEs that are export-oriented have increased quite a lot and we have seen that some cities are quite successful, just later they will be connected to the diaspora which we are working on so that they become an accelerated platform," explained BNI’s President Director, Royke Tumilaar.

Royke said that by providing a platform, it would help the transformation of MSMEs more quickly and help go global. This is done not only from BNI itself, but also needs to work hand in hand with various parties.

“But also with stakeholders such as Customs and Excise, Smesco, Ministry of Trade, Ministry of Industry. This is a platform to make it easier for prospective new exporters to get clear information, we are widening this to be an efficient ecosystem for actors there and make it easier for all parties," he revealed.

Royke also revealed that BNI Xpora is currently the Company's Prima Donna. As a Bank that has been appointed to become an International Bank, BNI is committed to supporting MSME players to advance to market their products in the international market.

In addition, BNI also embraces the diaspora to meet the needs of transaction and financing services. It is not impossible, Xpora SMEs will be connected to the diaspora, so as to create a good ecosystem. Where the role of the diaspora will be to act as a buyer for Xpora MSME products, so that they can boost exports.

Royke also said that the potential for the development of the Xpora program is very large because it covers the potential for export and diaspora businesses around the world.

"There are 8 million diaspora, of which 4 million are immigrants from Indonesia. We try to help, in the end it will go to payment and remittances," said Royke. (*)


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