Diaspora Becoming Spearhead of Indonesia-Japan Trade

Diaspora Becoming Spearhead of Indonesia-Japan Trade

Tokyo, 20 April 2022 -- The global economic recovery looks a bit tough with several challenges such as geopolitical conflicts and rising energy prices that have an impact on inflation in several developed countries. However, this has not stopped Indonesia and Japan from enhancing mutual economic relations in order to have a positive impact on the world’s economic performance. Indonesia also hopes that the diaspora as the spearhead who has good experience and knowledge will continue to strengthen economic relations in Japan, especially from the micro, small and medium business segment.

PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero), Tbk. or BNI (stock code : BBNI) took a further step in improving Indonesia's trade relations by holding a webinar event Diaspora Trade Talk Series – BNI Tokyo, Japan on 20 April 2022 with the theme “Ways to Maneuver and Thrive in Japan Market. This webinar presents the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mahendra Siregar, the Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to Japan, Heri Akhmadi and BNI’s President Director Royke Tumilaar for opening remarks. In addition, there were also speakers in the field of export and import from the Japan External Trade Organization, the Association of Japanese Indonesian Entrepreneurs and the Indonesian Diaspora in Tokyo, Aremia Co Ltd, Osaka who discussed various strategic issues related to maneuvers to re-accelerate economic performance.

Mahendra Siregar said that Japan and Indonesia have a very long relationship, especially in the economic field. Many trade relations, as well as investment flow directly to Indonesia, which helps improve the domestic economy. Nevertheless, he views that there are still many segments of the economy that have not been optimally exploited which need to be continuously encouraged, especially by the Banking system as an intermediary function.

"We assess that what has been done so far has been very good with the idea and full support from Bank BNI. Indeed, various strategic collaborations at the global level require very strong support from Banking industry players. We hope that this webinar will be able to explore the various challenges as well as business potentials between Indonesia-Japan and lead to a bias in achieving business matching in the next 1 to 5 years which will benefit both Indonesia and Japan as strategic trading partners," he said.

Heri Akhmadi added that the optimism for global economic recovery from Indonesia and Japan has been perceived with many signings of investment commitments and sharing economy among Indonesian-Japanese business players.

He also views the idea of BNI as very positive. It is hoped that more cooperation will be born after this, which will help the economic recovery of both Indonesia and Japan after the pandemic.Heri also said that the diaspora is one of the agents of economic development that has not been optimized by national Banks. Many diaspora groups have highly competitive businesses in Japan and are able to become agents for many MSME products that are the country's economic strength.

"BNI Tokyo continues to prove its active role in facilitating Indonesian MSME players to be able to develop in Japan. We hope that this kind of Banking support and MSME assistance program can help Indonesian MSMEs continue to move forward through the international market," he said.

Royke Tumilaar said that as a development agent assigned by the government to become a global Bank, BNI is always proactive to continue to look for niches and opportunities to be able to restore and boost Indonesia's global trade performance."With the momentum of the Diaspora Trade Talk Series - BNI Tokyo, Japan, we also hope to attract more foreign investor partners to invest domestically to optimize Indonesia's various economic potentials," he said.

Royke continued that Japan is the country with the 4th largest economic power after China, America and Germany. Thus, Indonesia as a strategic partner of Japan has a great opportunity to be involved in the movement and rotation of the country's economy, either directly or indirectly.

According to Royke, the demographic bonus and Indonesia's rapid economic growth are the main capital to be able to penetrate the Japanese market in the future."We expect that exporters, business players including Indonesian MSMEs can gain additional insight on how to understand the characteristics and business opportunities in the Japanese market," said Royke.

Japanese Diaspora Lending MoU

On this occasion, BNI signed a Memorandum of Understanding for Diaspora Lending Cooperation conducted by BNI Tokyo General Manager, Yudhi Zufrial with the President Director of Arumia Co.Ltd, Osaka, Achmad Arifin. This strategic collaboration was also witnessed by the Indonesian Ambassador to Japan, Heri Akhmadi, BNI’s President Director, Royke Tumilaar and all webinar participants from various agencies, exporters and importers in Tokyo and Indonesia.

Royke said the collaboration among BNI, the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Japan, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia, the Japan External Trade Organization, the Indonesian Employers' Association and Arumi Co Limited, is a very prospective effort in increasing international trade of the Indonesian diaspora to the Japanese market.

"Obviously this will not be the last, instead we will continue to look for various other potential collaborations. Of course, we also hope to reap the fruits of more collaboration from the very close relationship between BNI and the diaspora," he said.

Arumia Co. Ltd., based in Osaka, Japan, is engaged in trading premium quality bioproducts from agriculture, marine and processed food from Indonesia under several brands, namely Dapur Arumi (bulk seasonings and truits), Kotakoki (seasoning supplies, mixed seasonings and processed foods), Du-Reamy (durian), Cocoqua (coconut and its derivatives) and Tempe Arumi (Indonesian fermented soybean).


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