BNI Held Joint Homecoming 2022

BNI Held Joint Homecoming 2022

Jakarta, 27 April 2022 -- PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk or BNI (stock code: BBNI) participated in celebrating Eid Al-Fitr in 2022. This time, BNI was again holding a Safe Homecoming Healthy Homecoming with SOEs in 2022. BNI provided a quota of 1,000 with bus transportation modes to Palembang via Lampung, Yogyakarta via solo, Malang, Surabaya, and Semarang. This is the first time that the joint homecoming event has been held again after the Covid-19 pandemic hit Indonesia starting in early 2020. This time, BNI dispatched 20 bus fleets for the Joint Homecoming 2022.

This BNI homecoming program will make it easier for the public to be able to realize a healthy and safe homecoming in the midst of the 2022 pandemic. This BNI homecoming is also in accordance with President Joko Widodo's direction on 23 April 2022, that people are allowed to go home for Eid 2022 with certain conditions. Then, SOEs Minister Erick Thohir initiated the free homecoming program for SOEs and appointed PT Jasa Raharja as the coordinator of the "Safe Homecoming Healthy Homecoming with SOEs 2022". 

To maintain the health of homecomers while traveling by land mode, this time of homecoming requires health protocol requirements. In this 2022 homecoming, participants are required to have a booster vaccine, always maintain health protocols, and must register fully online via an application. Land mode makes up 80 percent of all trips. 

Based on a survey conducted by the Indonesian Ministry of Transportation's R&D survey, there is a potential for increased mobility compared to the Lebaran Mobility Prediction 2021, the people who will go home after the announcement of the vaccine as a travel requirement actually increase by 187.86% or reach 85.5 million people. Especially for homecoming residents of Jabodetabek, namely 14.3 million people. 

Special Staff for the Minister of SOEs, Arya Sinulingga said, the SOEs Healthy Homecoming Program 2022 is back after two years we were limited to gathering with family in person. "However, on condition that homecomers must prioritize security and safety, through this program we also encourage people to vaccinate and maintain health protocols. Also, prioritize safety when going home by choosing a safer mode of transportation," explained Arya.

Arya continued, this homecoming program has at least diverted the mobility of 40 thousand people from using two-wheeled private vehicles to public transportation that meets transportation safety standards. "Hopefully, the Joint Safe and Healthy Homecoming with SOEs program can cure people's longing to get back together with their families," Arya added.

Meanwhile, BNI Corporate Secretary Mucharom said, the Company is trying to restore the spirit of going home so that the togetherness of this year's Eid is more pronounced. After all, this program is in line with the spirit of BNI Serving the Country, Pride of the Nation.

"We also hope that the spirit of homecoming will be a signal of a stronger economic recovery this year," he said.
Mucharom said at this joint homecoming, BNI also took advantage of the momentum to promote processed products of MSMEs fostered by BNI SOE House (RB).

"We include a gift for every homecomer containing souvenirs in the form of snacks processed by SOE Houses from RB Ngawi, RB Wonogiri, RB Tegal, RB Pangandaran and RB Bekasi. This is one of BNI's efforts to introduce MSME products as souvenirs of regional pride," he said. (*)


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