Busy with Many Millennial Entrepreneurs, BNI Presents Digital Business Solutions at BNI Java Jazz 2022

Busy with Many Millennial Entrepreneurs, BNI Presents Digital Business Solutions at BNI Java Jazz 2022

Jakarta, 29 May 2022 -- BNI Java Jazz Festival 2022 is predicted to be busy with many young entrepreneurs enjoying concerts while doing business matching. PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk. or BNI (stock code: BBNI) will introduce a business financial solution product that will be very useful for millennial businessmen. 

Senior Vice President Wholesale Solution of BNI, Indra Gunawan said the biggest jazz music concert in Indonesia became a meeting place for many millennials after two years of the pandemic. 

Not just millennials, BNI Java Jazz Festival 2022 is quite an attractive space for entry-level businessmen and young start-ups to do business matching. 

"Seeing this opportunity, we want to introduce and socialize a business solution that specifically targets the businesses of fintech, small and medium enterprises, start-up businesses, and other young entrepreneurs," he said. 

Indra said, of course, business people should not only focus on expansion, but they must also carry out neat financial management so that business continuity is more maintained. 

Some of the business financial solutions that BNI offers that are incorporated in cash management are cash in collection management such as BNI e-Collection (virtual account) and autodebit, liquidity management such as cash pooling and cash distribution, bank guarantees, and supply chain financing. There is also cash out payment management such as BNIDirect or BNI's corporate internet banking. 

“In BNIDirect, we have many features that can be used for payments such as e-tax payments, bill payments, e-payrolls. In addition, there are features for transfers such as in-house transfers and international transfers," he added. 

BNI Being More Solutive 

Indra said that currently BNI Direct users have reached 70,000 and continue to grow significantly every year. Apart from features that make it very easy, BNI has a mentoring program that is an added value. 

Business actors who already have their own internal financial system can be integrated with BNI through the application programming interface or API Services and can be accessed at 

Meanwhile, business people who do not have an integrated financial system can directly use BNIDirect Mobile. BNI has more than 283 types of API services and has been used by more than 4,000 corporate customers. BNI believes it can advance its customers' business. 

"In this program, we want to offer a more solutive business financial solution. Besides we have excellent technology, we have also prepared a proactive companion team to help business people answer their financial needs," he added.


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