Collaborating with Taspen, BNI Can Optimize the ASN Segment

Collaborating with Taspen, BNI Can Optimize the ASN Segment

Jakarta, 31 May 2021 -- PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk. or BNI (stock code: BBNI) is again trusted to be one of the banks for paying pensions and various other funds to PT Taspen (Persero) participants. 

This is expected to be able to complete BNI services for retired participants, while optimizing the banking service needs of the state civil apparatus (ASN) segment. 

This collaboration began with the signing of the Cooperation Agreement regarding Payment for Old Age Savings, Pensions, Work Accident Insurance, and Death Insurance Through Accounts by President Director of PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk. Royke Tumilaar with President Director of PT Taspen (Persero) A.N.S. Kosasih in Jakarta, Tuesday (31/5/2022). 

Present on the occasion were Director of Operations Ariyandi, and Director of Finance Rena Latsmi Puri. Meanwhile from BNI, Director of Institutional Relations Sis Apik Wijayanto was also present. Through this collaboration, BNI is again trusted to be a bank for paying pensions and various other Taspen funds to Taspen participants. 

Kosasih said this cooperation is not only limited to the payment of pension rights. As a pension payment bank, BNI is expected to be able to capture the Taspen participant segment, namely ASN as potential customers. 
Moreover, most ASN have a fairly good income level so that it is feasible to get financing as well as investment products from banks. 

"BNI is one of the largest banks in Indonesia. We appreciate today's collaboration. We hope that together we can improve the welfare of ASN, so that they can get housing financing and good investment products. We hope that this collaboration can be long and continue forever," he said. 

Royke also appreciated Taspen for the trust that had been given to BNI in helping distribute the pension rights of Taspen participants. 

Through this collaboration, BNI hopes to continue to provide the best service to retired Taspen participants who channel their pension payments via BNI. 

"In the future, BNI will also continue to improve service quality and provide various products that can be utilized by Taspen pension beneficiaries," said Royke. 

To help realize the retirement convenience of Taspen participants, BNI has equipped all retirees with Debit Cards so that customers who have authenticated can immediately withdraw their pensions at the nearest BNI ATM, which currently has more than 16,000 machines spread throughout Indonesia. Cash withdrawals can also be made at 157,000 BNI Agen46 spread over 6,000 sub-regencies and 31,000 villages throughout Indonesia. 

The Debit Card owned by Taspen's retired customers also functions as a replacement card for Karip (Pension Identity Card). The debit card is called Taspen Smart Card, which has a special design that includes the customer's Taspen Number (Notes) on the card. For customers who do not have a Taspen Smart Card, they can visit the nearest BNI Branch Office to make a substitution. 

In terms of improving the welfare of Taspen participants, BNI is actively involved in disbursing Loan Without Collateral to prospective pensioners and pensioners of Taspen participants who want to be more productive in their retirement. 

"To start this new opportunity, BNI provides various conveniences in applying for loans, including low interest rates, competitive credit costs and insurance costs with a term of up to 15 years," he said.

Before entering retirement, BNI also made it easy for ASN to have a dream home with BNI Griya consumptive financing facilities. 

With competitive interest rates and flexibility of credit tenors of up to 30 years, also get the convenience of applying for credit online through BNI Griya e-form by accessing


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