BNI, Telkomsel, and MCAS Group Signed Cooperation Agreement for Digital Products and Services Synergy

BNI, Telkomsel, and MCAS Group Signed Cooperation Agreement for Digital Products and Services Synergy

Jakarta, 27 June 2022 -- PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero), Tbk. (BNI), PT Telekomunikasi Seluler (Telkomsel), together with PT M Cash Integration Tbk. (MCAS Group) signed a three-party cooperation agreement to synergize digital products and services.

In this collaboration, BNI with its extensive network, one of which is the Agen46 network, will distribute Telkomsel products and services such as SIM cards, physical vouchers, pulses, data packages, and a series of other Telkomsel superior products.

Taking place at Menara BNI Jakarta (27 June 2022) the signing of the cooperation agreement was attended by BNI President Director Royke Tumilaar, Telkomsel President Director Hendri Mulya Syam, M Cash Director Mohammad Anis Yunianto and the Board of Directors of the three companies.

BNI Agen46 is a partner of BNI to provide banking services to the public such as Laku Pandai Services, Digital Financial Services and e-Payment Services. BNI now has more than 158,000 BNI Agen46 networks spread across various regions in Indonesia.

In the meantime, Telkomsel, the leading digital telecommunications company in Indonesia, which has now served more than 175 million customers and has more than 500,000 outlet partner networks throughout Indonesia, will offer BNI banking services to the public, such as opening customer accounts, cash deposits, cash withdrawals, and various other services.

Through this collaboration, BNI and Telkomsel will be more resilient and integrated with the support of MCAS Group as a provider of digital distribution systems that ensure the distribution of cross-products and services between BNI and Telkomsel can run smoothly, one of which is the sale of Telkomsel starter packs by Agen46 BNI.

In addition, MCAS Group also empowers its digital ecosystem to synergize with BNI through biller sharing cooperation, logistics drop point services through Agen46 BNI, utilization of Bumi Langit IP on TapCash electronic money cards and in the future to open the accessibility of the sustainable EV Volta Battery Change System.

Royke said, BNI, Telkomsel and MCAS Group have the same goal in digital transformation in business processes including customer on-boarding, in-app customer engagement, modernization of transactions and services, to the use of big data. Therefore, our collaboration will continue to expand the digital ecosystem in Indonesia.

“BNI as a bank that has a vision to become a financial institution that excels in service and performance in a sustainable manner, also continues to innovate and collaborate to meet customer needs, especially in financial transactions. BNI will continue to conduct strategic collaborations with business partners in the form of efforts to accelerate digital transformation and business achievements for BNI and business partners.”

Hendri said the collaboration with BNI and MCAS Group is in line with Telkomsel's commitment as a connectivity enabler in presenting innovative digital solutions in various sectors including banking that have a greater impact on the progress and strengthening of Indonesia's digital ecosystem that is inclusive and sustainable.

Through this collaboration, Telkomsel will continue to optimize all its digital ecosystem assets in presenting various digital solutions needed to accelerate BNI's digital transformation. Starting from digitizing customer service, integrated access, to the use of big data, BNI will be able to increase digital capabilities to become one of the state-owned banks to Go Global.

"Of course, the purpose of this collaboration is not only limited to improving BNI's digital ecosystem, but also Telkomsel and MCAS Group. This collaboration is the first step to move together towards digital sovereignty, especially in the banking sector. We also hope that more collaborations will occur. We also thank BNI for trusting in our digital solutions," he said.

Anis said that the Company is proud to be able to collaborate with the two leading companies in Indonesia, namely BNI and Telkomsel. As a digital enabler, we always make sure to accompany every collaboration initiation with the support of a massive and leading digital infrastructure from the MCAS Group. The Company is fully confident that it can support digital transformation in the business modernization process of BNI and Telkomsel to be able to go global.

"The various initiatives that we have carried out with BNI and Telkomsel certainly provide mutual benefits. With the digital infrastructure capabilities that we have developed and supported by a strong IT team, in the future we will continue to carry out various initiatives to create more reliable synergies with many parties," said Anis.
About BNI

PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero), Tbk or BNI was founded on 5 July 1946 and became the first state-owned bank that was born after Indonesia's independence. BNI had functioned as a central bank and commercial bank as stated in the Government Regulation in Lieu of Law no. 2/1946, before finally operating as a commercial bank since 1955.

As of March 2022, BNI has 2,128 domestic outlets spread across 34 provinces and 420 regencies/cities as well as 7 overseas outlets spread across various countries. BNI has 23 Commercial Business Centers (CBC), 27 SME Business Centers (SBC), and 12 Consumer Loan Centers (CLC). BNI also has Agen46 network (Branchless Banking) in 157,464 locations.

BNI now has 16,384 ATMs spread across 34 provinces and 521 regencies/cities including 6 (six) ATMs overseas, namely 4 ATMs in Hong Kong and 2 ATMs in Singapore. The ATM network can also serve debit card transactions bearing GPN, Link, ATM Bersama, and Prima logos.

BNI as the holding company has 4 subsidiaries, namely BNI Multifinance (financing), BNI Life (insurance), BNI Remittance (remittances), and BNI Sekuritas (capital market). BNI Asset Management (Investment Manager) is a subsidiary of BNI Sekuritas.

About Telkomsel (

Telkomsel is a leading digital telecommunications company that continues to strive to open more opportunities and possibilities by presenting digital connectivity, digital platforms, and digital services developed by prioritizing the use of technology for all levels of society throughout the country.

Telkomsel consistently distributes 4G mobile broadband networks and 5G developments, as well as expands the variety of innovative digital services and solutions, such as Mobile Gaming, Digital Entertainment, Digital Lifestyle, Mobile Financial Services, Enterprise Solutions, and Internet of Things. For 26 years of existence, Telkomsel is now here to serve more than 173.5 million customers spread to the deepest and outermost regions of Indonesia with the support of more than 245,000 BTS.

Customer service can be accessed through the website:,, Twitter @telkomsel, and Instagram @telkomsel as well as Telkomsel virtual assistant in MyTelkomsel application.

About PT M Cash Integrasi, Tbk (MCAS)

PT M Cash Integration, Tbk (“MCAS”) is a leading digital infrastructure company in Indonesia that focuses on providing digital solutions for its partners and lifestyle platforms to simplify their daily lives and assist Indonesians in transforming, from a conventional lifestyle to a digital lifestyle. MCAS uses an integrated business model to maximize value through O2O (Online to Offline) platforms, applications, and sustainable IoT with leading-edge technologies to improve business partners and provide convenience for users. For more information, please visit

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