BNI Transformation Continues to Strengthen Indonesia's Economic Performance

BNI Transformation Continues to Strengthen Indonesia's Economic Performance

Jakarta, Sunday (16/9/2022) -- As an Agent of Development PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk. or BNI (stock code: BBNI) continues its transformation to provide maximum performance boost during the economic recovery period.

Through the company's transformation journey, BNI continues to improve every line of business operations to improve the company's financial fundamentals and capabilities in carrying out the functions of intermediation, investment, and providing superior financial transaction solutions through digitization.

BNI ensures that it is more adaptive to the development of customer preferences and has the resilience to future economic turbulence such as that caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

BNI Corporate Secretary Okki Rushartomo said that BNI's transformation to date has borne sweet fruit in the form of improved performance in the last two years after being affected by the pandemic.

He admitted that the future economic conditions are still quite challenging with several issues such as the Russian and Ukrainian war which has an impact on the world economy and Indonesia.

Moreover, many countries are now faced with the risk of higher inflation, resulting in a slowdown in economic growth.

However, as a government-owned bank that is proactive in transformation, BNI is certainly not just riding the wave but proactively looking for new growth niches through the company's transformation journey.

Future transformations include end-to-end credit process improvement, cross selling and up selling of Corporate Segment customers, launch of SMExporter HUB, Loan at Risk (LaR) management, business solutions for selected institutional clusters, etc.

"BNI's corporate transformation journey has started since 2021, and is still continuing this year. We hope that this effort can further strengthen the performance of economic recovery." he said.

Okki explained that with the transformation that has been going on so far, the company has been able to drive performance improvement through one of BNI Xpora's flagship programs.

Through collaboration with MSME and e-commerce associations, BNI continues to create more BNI mentoring and training programs that encourage MSME players to be more globally competitive.

To encourage the strengthening of MSME players’ exports, BNI also collaborates with parties that are competent with export-import such as the Indonesia International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), Sarinah, and the House of Indonesia in a number of countries.

"This market expansion is also increasingly complete with the growing number of diaspora communities in many countries. We have created an export ecosystem so that MSMEs can go global. This is also in line with the mandate given by the Ministry of SOEs to BNI to become a global bank," he said.

In addition, BNI is also increasingly able to demonstrate performance in the corporate segment by becoming one of the preferences of highly reputable companies in Indonesia. This has enabled the corporate segment's credit portfolio to grow stronger and with better quality.

"Of course BNI also not only encourages financing performance, but this corporate segment opens up many cross-selling opportunities to payroll products, payroll loans, and housing loans," he mentioned.

In addition to organic transformation, BNI also carried out inorganic transformation to transform the digital aspect, this was done by acquiring Bank Mayora which was effectively implemented in May 2022.

The plan is to transform Bank Mayora into a Digital Bank with a primary focus on the SME segment, a segment that is different from the existing digital banks.

"The collaboration between Mayora business group as one of the largest Fast Moving Consumer Good companies in Indonesia with BNI as one of the preferred banks in Indonesia will be one of the advantages of this Digital Bank later," concluded Okki. (*)


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