BNI Tokyo Promotes Financing for Diaspora

BNI Tokyo Promotes Financing for Diaspora

Tokyo, 25 October 2022 -- PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk or BNI (stock code: BBNI) through BNI Tokyo Branch again channeled financing for Indonesian Diaspora in Tokyo, Japan. 

This time, BNI provided a Diaspora Loan facility to B-R Corporation, an Indonesian Diaspora company engaged in the rental and export business of heavy equipment from Japan, including Road Equipment, Construction Machine, Drilling Machine, Agricultural Machine, Bulldozer, Truck, Crane and Tractors, including spare parts. 

The signing ceremony was carried out by BNI Tokyo General Manager Yudhi Zufrial and B-R Corporation President Director Budi Rahadjo, and witnessed by the Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to Japan Heri Akhmadi at the BNI Branch Office in Tokyo on Monday (24/10/2022).  

Indonesian Ambassador to Japan Heri Akhmadi in his speech expressed his appreciation to BNI Tokyo for continuing to actively provide support to the Diaspora, both facilitating the opening of accounts in Indonesia and through financial support or Diaspora Loan. This is in line with the task of the Indonesian Embassy to reach out to Indonesian citizens overseas.

"The Indonesian Embassy, Bank Indonesia Tokyo, BNI Tokyo Branch and several state-owned companies in Tokyo that are members of the Small Medium Enterprise (SME) Center actively facilitate export-import activities for MSME players, both in Japan and in Indonesia," added Heri.

Budi said that B-R Corporation was founded by Budi Rahardjo in 2009, located in the city of Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan. Currently B-R Corporation has customers from various countries, especially in Southeast Asia such as Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, the Philippines and of course Indonesia. 

In the course of his business so far Budi has a commitment to always strive to do and provide the best for all customers at a reasonable price with fast, timely service and delivery. 

The Company is active in various used heavy equipment auction activities in Japan where it can deal directly with manufacturers. In addition to maintaining quality, the company gets a good stock of used heavy equipment. 

"We are grateful to BNI. We also hope that BNI can be a catalyst for the development of Diaspora-owned businesses, become a business bridge between Indonesia and the world, and contribute significantly in supporting national economic growth," said Budi. 

BNI's Contribution to Diaspora

In a separate statement, BNI Director of Enterprise & Commercial Banking Muhammad Iqbal said that the role of BNI branch offices abroad is very important, because it is a business bridge between Indonesia and the world. BNI as one of the largest banks in Indonesia with the largest overseas network, namely in Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo, London, New York, Seoul and Amsterdam. 

BNI through the BNI Xpora program has initiated the Diaspora Loan since 2021 with the aim of providing financial support for Indonesia-Related businesses run by the Diaspora. This Diaspora Loan is one of BNI's steps in exploring business potentials both from overseas to Indonesia, and from Indonesia to overseas. 

"We appreciate B-R Corporation for opening opportunities for BNI to contribute to its business. We certainly hope that more Indonesian diaspora companies can be cooperated with to strengthen BNI's role as a global bank from Indonesia," he said. 

By September 2022, BNI has collaborated with 29 diaspora customers in various sectors including 14 restaurants, 11 trading/services, 3 minimarkets and 1 transportation service.  

BNI Tokyo branch continues to facilitate Indonesia-related business in Japan, especially for the Diaspora MSME segment by providing working capital loans to expand their business overseas. 

"Diaspora Loan is a loan for Indonesian Diaspora and is designed comprehensively and prudently to accommodate the needs of Indonesian Diaspora in developing their business overseas," added Iqbal.


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