Praised by LPS BNI Receives 3 Awards

Praised by LPS BNI Receives 3 Awards

Jakarta, Tuesday (29/11/2022) -- PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk. or BNI is committed to continuing to transform to support sustainable economic performance. The company also continues to open coordination with various parties so that economic potential can be answered more optimally in the future.

For these proactive efforts, BNI was rewarded with 3 awards from the Deposit Insurance Corporation (LPS) received directly by the Human Capital & Compliance Director Mucharom in Jakarta, Tuesday (29/11/2022).

The awards include The Best Bank in Submitting Information on the LPS Guarantee Program, The Most Initiative and Active in Socializing the Role and Function of LPS, The Best Bank that is Most Active in Green Banking Practices, and The Most Active Best Bank in CSR Activities.

Mucharom appreciated the award given by BNI. According to him, this award belongs to BNI and all stakeholders, both employees, as well as BNI customers and partners who are always active together to jump higher in all aspects of sustainable economy.

"This award will certainly encourage us to continue to transform, especially in terms of optimizing sustainable economic potential by collaborating with more stakeholders," he said.

Mucharom conveyed that during the pandemic, the stability of the national financial system experienced disruptions which resulted in public concerns about the safety of their deposits at the Bank.

BNI is proactively present and takes an important role in informing the public of the program, function and role of LPS, thus helping to maintain a conducive situation in the national economy.

Furthermore, BNI also always strives to align all strategies with the Government program which targets Indonesia to achieve zero carbon emissions by 2060. BNI is also strongly committed to being proactive in the energy transition that leads to the use of new renewable energy (NRE).

"Moreover, as one of the green banking pioneers in Indonesia, we will always strive to support the government in realizing a green economy. Of course, this step is done while maintaining the current economic growth trend which is still in a recovery trend," he mentioned.

Not only that, Mucharom said that as a form of our concern for the wider community, we can say that BNI always strives to provide maximum support to the government through the BNI CSR program, especially in overcoming the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as other disasters that occur in the country.

"As a state-owned bank, BNI has a greater obligation to be able to maintain economic stability by carrying out various humanitarian programs. The programs carried out are not only to overcome the impact of pandemics and disasters, but also to support economic strengthening with various assistance programs for the community," he stated.



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