Transforming into Digital Bank, Bank Mayora AGM Introduces New Management

Transforming into Digital Bank, Bank Mayora AGM Introduces New Management

Jakarta, Friday (6/1/2023) – PT Bank Mayora, a subsidiary of PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (BBNI), held its General Meeting of Shareholders (GMS) today (6/1/2023). During the meeting, the shareholders decided to renew the board of directors and commissioners of Bank Mayora.

Shareholders decided to honorably dismissed Ricky Budiono as President Director, Dharmawan Atmadja as President Commissioner, and Taryadi Supangkat as Independent Commissioner.

The GMS agreed to appoint Jenny Wiriyanto as President Director and Andi M Andries as Director. The GMS also appointed Hussein Paolo Kartadjoemena as President Commissioner who currently serves as BNI SEVP Corporate Transformation. Also joining the new management of Bank Mayora is Prihadiyanto as Director who was appointed at the previous LB GMS in October 2022.

Therefore, the composition of the Board of Directors and Commissioners of Bank Mayora becomes as follows:
Board of Directors:
●  President Director: Jenny Wiriyanto*
●  Director: Prihadiyanto*
●  Director: Tiolina Tumanggor
●  Director: Andi M. Andries*
●  Director: Tjahojo Bengawan

Board of Commissioners
●  President Commissioner: Hussein Paolo Kartadjoemena*
●  Independent Commissioner: Joys Djajanto
●  Independent Commissioner: Rufina Tinawati Marianto

*New Appointment and will be effective after obtaining approval of the fit and proper test from the Financial Services Authority (OJK)

As is known, PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero), Tbk. has officially acquired PT Bank Mayora on 18 May 2021 to be transformed into a Digital Bank. Various preparations as part of the digital bank transformation process have been made, including preparation for rebranding of the name and logo changes which will be announced to the public in the near future.

BNI as the controlling shareholder represented by BNI President Director Royke Tumilaar explained that the appointment of new management is expected to strengthen the company's management structure in transforming Digital Bank as a provider of digital-based integrated financial solutions, especially in the MSME segment.

"We also hope that Bank Mayora in the future can improve the company's performance better so that it can contribute positively to the consolidated performance of BNI Group," he said.

Digital-First MSME Bank

Royke added, Bank Mayora's new Board of Directors is an ideal combination because it consists of professionals and experts who come from various backgrounds, namely consultants, startups, fintech and of course banking.
"Through the collaboration of the new management, Bank Mayora is believed to be able to bring positive changes with new enthusiasm and hope in realizing the vision of the Digital Bank to become the leading "digital-first" MSME Bank in Indonesia," he added.

As for, Hussein Paolo Kartadjoemena is a Bachelor of Arts in Economics graduated from Harvard University who currently serves as BNI SEVP Corporate Transformation since 2020. Meanwhile, Jenny Wiriyanto is a Master's Degree International Business graduated from National University who previously served as President Director of Batumbu (2020-2022) and Director of Maybank (2009-2020) as Director of Community Financial Services.

Furthermore, Prihadiyanto is a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering graduated from the University of Indonesia who previously held the position of Managing Director - Accenture Indonesia (1994-2022). Andi M Andries is an MBA graduated from the University of San Francisco and Bachelor of Science Mechanical Engineering - University of Wisconsin who previously held the position of Chief Product and Innovation Officer - Investree (2016-2022).




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