Increasing Mobile Banking Use, BNI Gives Away 21 Cars and 212 Motorcycles

Increasing Mobile Banking Use, BNI Gives Away 21 Cars and 212 Motorcycles

Jakarta, Friday (3/02/2023) -- PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk. or BNI continues to strive to provide the best transaction services to customers who use BNI Mobile Banking. By continuing to encourage loyalty & engagement programs, BNI hopes to contribute to supporting public consumption activities in the midst of the post-pandemic economic recovery period.

BNI Consumer Banking Director Corina Leyla Karnalies said, currently the Covid-19 pandemic is winding down. The government has relaxed policies to deal with emergency conditions due to the pandemic.

This policy of easing mobility will certainly encourage public consumption activities, followed by an increase in the need for banking transactions. BNI seeks to be proactive in seeing these needs by carrying out the Rejeki BNI #GaPakeNanti Program to continue to stimulate public shopping transactions.

In order for customers' days to be filled with positive spirit, BNI always shares the fortune of direct prizes every day and all opportunities are open to customers to get prizes.

Customers can get the opportunity to win the prize from redeeming BNI Poin+ directly from BNI Mobile Banking, one of the easiest ways to get direct prizes is to redeem your BNI Poin+ directly in BNI Mobile Banking with several options, such as Tokopedia e-vouchers, GoPay, top-up credit, and so on. In addition, the Rejeki BNI #GaPakeNanti Program is also available.

"We prepared many grand prizes for anyone who opens a BNI savings account, diligently increases their balance and always transacts with Debit Cards and BNI Mobile Banking," he said.

BNI POIN+ can be redeemed into Shopping Vouchers, eWallets, Donations, Miles, Special Discounts and can participate in Auctions & Games and lucky draws.

In fact, customers can determine from now on which program they are interested in, because all series of Rejeki BNI #GaPakeNanti programs must have prepared many types of unexpected prizes.

Corina explained that the prizes can be won from the Rejeki BNI #GaPakeNanti Program include 2 units of Land Rover Defender 110, 17 units of Hyundai Creta Active 1.5MT, and 195 units of Honda Beat Sporty CBS.

There are also special offers for customers who have Taplus Business savings with jobs as entrepreneurs, traders, entrepreneurs, accountants, lawyers / notaries, other professions or doctors to get a greater chance to win a lucky draw prize of 2 units of Mitsubishi Triton HDX M/T Double Cabin 4WD, and 17 units of Honda Scoopy Fashion. The program runs from 12 September 2022 to 30 April 2023.

On January 19, 2023, BNI has conducted the first stage drawing for the 12 September to 31 December 2022 period. The drawing was conducted by the GM of BNI Consumer Product Division, Teddy Wishadi and authorized by officials of the Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs, DKI Jakarta Provincial Social Service, Notary and Police. BNI congratulates BNI customers who are the winners of motorcycle prizes totaling 195 units of Honda Beat Sporty CBS and 17 units of Honda Scoopy Fashion.  The winners will be contacted directly by BNI Branch Officers. Stay alert to fraud on behalf of BNI. Complete information can be seen on the BNI website: or

Gelegar Rejeki BNI #GaPakeNanti Surabaya

Corina continued to enliven the BNI #GaPakeNanti Lucky Draw program and the symbolic handover of the motorcycle prize, the company held a Gelegar Rejeki BNI #GaPakeNanti event at Tunjungan Plaza 3, Surabaya on 27 to 29 January 2023.

"In this event we present Afgan, Nirina Zubir, Sigi Wimala, and Marianne which are broadcast both offline at Tunjungan Plaza 3 Surabaya and online through the BNI youtube channel," he said.

On this occasion, BNI also symbolically handed over Honda Beat Sporty CBS and Honda Scoopy Fashion motorbikes to three representatives of customers who won the BNI #GaPakeNanti Lucky Draw from Region 06. The prizes were handed over by BNI Network & Services Director Ronny Venir, BNI Consumer Banking Director Corina Leyla Karnalies and Region 06 Leader Roy Wahyu Maulana to Lisa Desi Puspa Sari and Nadia Marsya Audiari for the General category and Chusnur Ismiati for the Entrepreneur category.

During the event, BNI customers can enjoy various attractive promos, such as redeeming 10 POIN+ for 1 cup Chatime Milktea in the exhibition area, Auction for Playstation 5 and iPhone 14 Pro Max, Shopping Vouchers up to Rp 100,000 for redeeming shopping transaction receipts using BNI Cards & QRIS BNI Mobile Banking, 50% cashback up to Rp 46k for merchants in the exhibition area, cashback savings balance up to Rp 50k & 4600 POIN+ Bonus for Opening Digital Savings with Selfie, and TapCash bonus of Rp 50k for BNI Mobile Banking activation & transactions.

Continue to increase your savings balance and increase transactions with BNI Mobile Banking & BNI Debit Card, because the BNI #GaPakeNanti Lucky Draw is still running until 30 April 2023. Get the chance to win 2 units of Land Rover Defender, 2 units of Mitsubishi New Triton Double Cabin and 17 units of Hyundai Creta. Transactions are set, prizes are closer! For complete information about the BNI #GaPakeNanti Lucky Draw program, visit



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