Emerald Customers Get Special Facilities at the BNI Java Jazz Festival 2020

Emerald Customers Get Special Facilities at the BNI Java Jazz Festival 2020

Jakarta, 1 March 2020 --- PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (BNI) grants privileges to BNI Emerald customers during the BNI Java Jazz Festival 2020 event which took place from Friday, 28 March up to today. The privilege gains by BNI Emerald customers is an opportunity to enjoy the VIP Lounge in the Funky Bunch Castle.

The Wealth Management Division Leader of BNI, Irwan Gurning said at the BNI Java Jazz Festival 2020, Emerald customers which are divided into Emerald Personal, Priority and Private are also free to relax while enjoying music from the band performing in the lounge. "They only need to swipe the Emerald card so they can enjoy the lounge facilities. Customers are free to sit all day, in and out, resting while watching music performances, and can enjoy the food and drink that is available," said Irwan.

For Emerald Customers, privilege is not only found in the international music festival Java Festival Production. Customers with Emerald Private cards also get privileges with VIP Lounge facilities at the world's airports, and airport limousine pickup at airports worldwide. BNI targets that every year there will be additional privileges for Emerald Customers. One of the privileges that has just been given this year is the free baggage wrapping facility at the airport.

Furthermore, BNI is developing priority services for customers in hospitals. Later, Emerald BNI customers can register by simply contacting 1500098. Currently, BNI has more than 86 thousand Emerald customers. Every year it is certain that there will be an increase in the number of customers. "Our target is to increase the number of Emerald Card customers from year to year with above 10 percent increase," said Irwan. 


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