Welcoming Christmas 2019, BNI Invites Santa to Visit Orphanage Children in RKB

Jakarta, 13 December 2019 --- There is Santa Claus at 14 BNI Branch Offices and SOE Creative Home (RKB) of BNI’s fosterd on 14 December 2019, as part of Christmas Day 2019 celebration. There is also the happiness and joy that emanates from the faces of the orphanage children and church members when they fulfilled BNI's invitation to meet, chat, and take pictures together with Santa Claus.

As seen at BNI Main Branch Office in Bekasi, West Java, Saturday (14 December 2019) this morning, when Santa Claus and BNI shared happiness by distributing Christmas compensation and gifts to orphans and church members from Bekasi and surrounding areas.

The gifts given contained several superior products produced and traded by micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs). They are active MSMEs in RKB Bekasi under the guidance of BNI. In this way, Christmas blessings not only make the children of the orphanage and the church congregants to receive gifts, but also the MSMEs. In addition, the volume of RKB transactions will also increase, thereby helping local MSME entrepreneurs to make their products more familiar to the public. The same thing was also carried out in 13 locations of the Santa Claus is Coming to RKB event held by BNI.

In addition to Bekasi, the activity of Santa Claus is Coming to RKB also held in RKB Pontianak, RKB Biak – Papua, RKB Yapen – Papua, RKB Supiori – Papua, RKB South Nias – North Sumatera, Sleman Creative Hole – Yogyakarta Special Territory, and RKB Central Sumba – East Nusa Tenggara (NTT). The same activities also conducted at RKB Manggarai - NTT, RKB Fakfak – West Papua, RKB Belu - NTT, and RKB Southwest Sumba – NTT.

The Corporate Secretary of BNI, Meiliana conveyed, RKB is a forum managed by BNI to increase the capacity of micro small and medium (UMKM) enterprises operators to upgrade. BNI builds more than 40 RKBs in several areas in Indonesia which is used to provide training for MSMEs to be able to penetrate the e-commerce market, including packaging training, product photography training, and internet access training.

The activity of Santa Claus is Coming to RKB is a part of the Christmas Celebration 2019 series carried out by BNI with the theme Folds Christmas Love. There are two main activities, namely 1) Millennial Clean-up of the Orphanage, 2) Christmas Celebration and Providing Aid to the Orphanage. 

The religious nuance attached to the celebration of Christian holidays has begun to be felt now, where one of the main values of the Christmas celebration is to share love with others. This spirit of sharing prompted BNI to prepare the Christmas Love Sharing 2019 Program with the theme Folds Christmas Love. This year BNI will touch 85 Orphanages and 190 churches around BNI outlets, throughout Indonesia.

The Millenials Clean-up Orphanage activity is conducted by inviting BNI millennials to working together in repairing orphanages, whether in the form of painting, greening, or other activities. This activity is carried out simultaneously in 17 BNI Operational Areas in the span of 7 days before the peak of Christmas celebration, 25 December 2019.

The activities of Christmas Celebration with Orphanages are carried out by inviting around 8,500 children throughout Indonesia or around 500 people in each BNI Operational Area. In addition, BNI also provides assistance to the Orphanages in the form of providing a variety of goods for major needs in 17 BNI Operational Areas. 


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