Credit Agreement of BNI dan Crystal Cove Seafood Corp. BNI Supports the Increase of Seafood Export to United States

Jakarta, 15 June 2019 -- PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (BNI), through its New York Overseas Branch Office, provided financial support to Crystal Cove Seafood Corp. (Crystal Cove), a company engaged in seafood trading from the United States. This company imports seafood from Indonesia.

The financing facility to be distributed is USD 6.8 million and will be used to increase the volume of seafood imports from Indonesia. The distribution of these funds is marked by the signing of a loan facility between BNI and Crystal Cove in New York, United States, Friday (14 June 2019) local time, or Saturday, Western Indonesian Time Zone (WIB). The signing was attended by the Treasury and International Director of BNI, Rico Budidarmo, the CEO of Crystal Cove, James Salierno, and the General Manager of BNI New York, Aidil Azhar.

Rico Budidarmo said that the provision of this facility was a form of BNI's Foreign Branch commitment to continue to look for and open up new opportunities for cooperation with business entities abroad, including in the United States. "This cooperation opportunity is especially done by BNI with companies that import products from Indonesia and is part of the supply chain of MSME customers financed by BNI," he said.


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