Helping to Lift Exports, BNI Provides Credit to Importers of Indonesian Products

Jakarta, 20 August 2020 - Through the existence of overseas branch offices, PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero), Tbk or BNI continues to strive to encourage growth in Indonesia's export volume through lending. To realize this, BNI Hong Kong and Surya Trading Ltd. signed a credit agreement in Hong Kong on Thursday, 20 August 2020.

The signing was also witnessed by the Indonesian Consul General for Hong Kong and Macau, Ricky Suhendar.

The Chairman of BNI Hong Kong Branch Office, Wan Andi Aryadi said, financing to Surya Trading Ltd. is a concrete form of BNI to assist micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in Indonesia to go global, especially entering the Hong Kong market.

“The goods imported by Surya Trading Ltd. are daily necessities, such as food and beverage products from Indonesian MSMEs. Through its eight stores and 80 affiliated stores, Surya Trading Ltd. can certainly target more than 170 thousand Indonesian migrant workers in Hong Kong. In the future, BNI will encourage more MSMEs, especially BNI partners, to send their goods to Hong Kong," said Andi.

Andi added, through Surya Trading Ltd., the goods will be distributed around Hong Kong. The quality of goods distributed will continue to be improved so that it does not only target Indonesian migrant workers, but also residents of Hong Kong and China.

Ricky Suhendar added, "The Indonesian Consulate General in Hong Kong together with BNI Hong Kong continues to strive to increase the volume of exports of goods from Indonesia. Providing credit to Surya Trading Ltd is one of the realization. The approach process was carried out jointly by the Trade Consul with BNI Hong Kong."

The owner of Surya Trading Ltd., Alex Chu, expressed his commitment to continue to import products from Indonesia and sell them in Hong Kong. BNI Hong Kong provided a credit of HK $ 2 million in the form of working capital and trading facilities.

This credit facility will make it easier for him to purchase goods. Suppliers tend to ask for payment in advance before delivery of goods, so he requires a large amount of capital.

"I am also ready to help if there are BNI MSME customers who want to try to enter the Hong Kong market," he said.

Remittance Service

This company's business group called Fast Access Corp. Ltd. also has a remittance agent business to Indonesia that has collaborated with BNI.

Fast Access utilizes its 88 outlet stores to attract Indonesian migrant workers (PMI) to transfer money. Currently, 30 thousand PMIs have registered as customers, whose volume of remittances a month reaches HK $ 70 million or around Rp. 130 billion per month. Through this cooperation, it is hoped that the convenience and security of its customers will increase, so that more PMIs can be served.

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