Realizing Campus Financial Ecosystem, 4,500 Runners Ready to Enliven BNI-UI Half Marathon 2021

Realizing Campus Financial Ecosystem, 4,500 Runners Ready to Enliven BNI-UI Half Marathon 2021

Jakarta, 18 November 2021 – The BNI UI Half Marathon has been running since 2017, and every year more and more enthusiasts want to participate in this activity. In 2021, the BNI UI Half Marathon will be held virtually, which will be held from 20 November to 05 December 2021.

Although it is held virtually, it does not reduce the enthusiasm of the participants who register, there are approximately 4,500 people who have registered up to now who come from UI alumni, running communities and the public.

Sis Apik Wijayanto, BNI’s Institutional Relations Director conveyed, "BNI has been on campuses in Indonesia since the 60s, so it is often referred to as the Campus Bank. BNI has collaborated a lot with UI and ILUNI UI to create a Campus Financial Ecosystem, including through Smartcard Issuance for ILUNI UI members, UI Card Credit Card Issuance, BNI AM Makara Investment Fund Mutual Products for UI Endowment Fund, UI Connect Program as a platform that connects UI alumni in Indonesia and overseas.”

"One of the goals of BNI and UI in holding the BNI UI Half Marathon is to raise an endowment fund whose products have been collaborated by BNI and UI under the name BNI AM Makara Investment Mutual Fund which has been in collaboration since 2016," said Arya Prajaka, BNI’s General Manager of Institutional Relations 2. 

The General Chairperson of ILUNI UI, Andre Rahadian at the BNI-UI Half Marathon 2021 (BNI-UIHM) press conference in Jakarta, 18/11 said that this annual running activity is present as a movement to promote a healthy lifestyle, connect fellow runners during the pandemic, and encourage Indonesia to rise again. "During this pandemic, we still need to maintain our health and connect with one another, especially runners. This year BNI-UIHM is here to accommodate these needs," he explained. 

Meanwhile, the Chief Executive of BNI-UI Half Marathon 2021, Dhany Marlen explained, BNI-UIHM 2021 will be a virtual running event using the GERAK application and inviting communities from various regions to join the run. "Participants can run in their respective places and can even run outside the territory of Indonesia," said Dhany.
BNI-UI Half Marathon 2021 offers a different experience as a virtual running event. There are interesting features such as virtual cheers and Spotify playlists to accompany participants during the run. There are also other features in the form of a virtual gate Instagram filter that can be used by every runner. In addition, the committee has also prepared several attractive prizes for participants who complete several challenges which will be presented to participants ahead of the run period. 

In the BNI-UI Half Marathon 2021 performance, BNI together with its subsidiaries optimizes the excitement of the event by providing interesting programs that can increase the enthusiasm of the participants. 
One of the programs is cashback such as:

1) Apply, Shop & Get Cashback Rp. 500,000,- for BNI-UI Credit Card applications via,
2) Bonus Triple BNI Rewards Points Transactions During the Payday Period (25-31 every month).
3) BNI Fleksi Pendidikan, a financing solution with a special interest rate of 10.25% eff per annual or the equivalent of 5.64% flat per annual and installment relief.
4) In order to provide protection related to safety and security for BNI-UI Half Marathon 2021 participants, BNI Life participates in providing cash reward products and programs of up to Rp. 12.5 million, for every purchase of BNI Life Plan Multi Protection with benefits ranging from Sum insured up to 200x, covering 117 critical illnesses, hospitalization and surgery for couples & families.
5) In addition, BNI Asset Management also contributed to increasing awareness of BNI-UI Half Marathon 2021 participants regarding Mutual Funds, by providing a cashback program worth Rp. 50,000 in the form of BNI-AM Mutual Fund Participation Units, Fixed Income Fund, Makara Investment and Purchase of BNI-AM Mutual Funds. Makara Investment Fixed Income Fund of IDR 1,000,000 which is only valid for the period of 28 October - 31 December 2021.

For more information, please contact:
BNI Corporate Secretary 
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